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~ movie-news ~ 2 years ago
Turning Red on Disney Plus - Cannot believe the upset

turning red is the latest pixar movie that went straight to streaming. Nothing about the commercial made me want to watch the movie so I just went in with the trust I have for Disney/pixar and the high of Encanto.

To say it was different was an understatement. It’s about an Asian-Canadian teenage girl who comes of age into a red panda. It takes the element of puberty, Asian culture, and magical fantasy and puts it into that new age Pixar category where we are dealing with generational trauma like in Encanto. We are exploring other cultures. And even the representation in some of the background characters (a Sikh man worked as a security guard for the school, there was a little girl with a diabetes patch).

The most unique thing for me was the fact that they actually discussed periods. The mom thinks her daughter got her first period (she didn’t you’ll see) and she actually said it. I haven’t heard an animated movie ever address it or even regular movies tend to dance around it but no! The mom actually says the word ‘period’ and even shows up with ibruprofen, hot water bottle, tea and she says ‘pads’ and you literally get to see pads! It’s actually a huge deal which shouldn’t be huge because it should not be taboo when billions of people get their period. But while I thought it was one small but huge step for mankind, the Karens are upset honey!

Let me just say, this movie is definitely not for smaller kids and that’s why it’s rated PG. there’s ‘twerking’, teenage sass, and the main characters have crushes on boys. She’s 13, this is natural.

Not only did that get a lot of people ready to ‘cancel’ Disney Plus but get this — people are upset about the period talk. Guys when I say I am flabbergasted I mean it. There’s sooooooo many people talking about how they weren’t ready or didn’t want to talk to their children about periods or that it made them uncomfortable. I’m just shocked that it’s so taboo. Especially if you’re watching it with an older child. Idk it’s wild to me.

Oh but the movie was cute I give it a 7/10 and something to watch. If you saw it already let me know! Do you think the backlash is warranted?

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