vibe ~3484~

I said what I said

Close?? Then maybe a week

I’ve just heard of lake since she’s dating Chris so yeah because Chris is hilarious I’ll go with those two

Other than her moment with jax there was nothing interesting about her

I heard that same thing

I care because if she was on legacies I would not watch

Good she needs to go

Mmmhmmm sound very similar to Christina Aguilera to me. I hate that every aspect of her career was controlled even the ones she was naturally good at

I have absolutely no sympathy. Especially since she tried to take a 21 y/o down for what her man was doing and has not publicly apologized since. The kards will do anything just for their child to have the same dad

I for the life of me cannot figure out why she was given a diamond and not Sheree instead. All she’s done so far is at out of touch and talk about her money which I wouldn’t mind if she was actually also interesting. Not to mention let her off-line behavior is despicable. I’m so over her I don’t want to even see her on the rest of the season.

Sunday night for sure. Tonight’s rhoa followed by mtm was a *chefs kiss*