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I said what I said

I think that both are now replaceable. Seeing Erika’s attitude during this entire orphans and widows things has taken away the joy in her cold hearted attitude. And Rinna was essential for pot stirring for a few seasons actually but when she refuses to let her personal business take the spotlight — it’s no good.

That’s for sure

As much as I would love to see it, I hold her to a much higher regard than Housewives. I’m waiting on her second act and I have a feeling it’s coming soon

It’s great for her relationship but terrible for the show. Now more time will be on these boys and Kathryn

I totally agree we need to see all this other stuff because we are not getting the full picture

I do believe they are dating. They have been spending a lottttt of time together and it’s been flirtatious

getting food, going shopping, doing bestie things. That’s the life!

Omggggg I never even put two and two together