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I can't even fathom having 300 sets of clothes, let alone 30k. And you know there's no way she'll even touch them (or wear them) again. What are they there for?

He was very young when he joined and I think Lorne felt very affected by 9/11, so it’s not too surprising there was a special soft spot for Pete. But I could imagine that breeding resentment for current and past stars of the show who had far less freedom.

That said, I adore Pete and think he was great for SNL, so accommodating him probably benefitted all of us.

Whenever RHOBH does spon-con, I cringe so hard.

I know the lawyers were exited when Heard brought up Kate for this very reason, which makes me confused as to why she even brought her up in the first place. It almost feels like it was planted in her mind just so she would bring it up and they would refute it. Definitely wasn’t a win for her.

I always pay SO much attention to people who are eating on tv and in movies — you can tell that they hate taking a bite of anything. Most of the time, I think that’s because of the sheer number of takes — if you had to eat a, say, cupcake 10 times you would not want to have more — but I know some people def don’t want to take in the calories either.

I buy Kyle not coming back. To be honest, the show has already compromised her family relationships, and there’s gotta be a point when it’s just not worth it. Particularly with the Mauricio rumors…

I feel like I've become a hard sell — I hate listening to new music, because I just don't have the patience to adapt to new things. This probably says more about me than the era.

Lol! Cocktail party fodder?

For me, Vanderpump. There was always something comforting. about seeing 30somethings whose lives were much worse than mine.

It's never stayed on for me. I love the concept of it, but I never know how people are able to keep it affixed to their nose.