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That's what my thought was. Like, she didn't really realize what she was getting herself into, but, now that she's there, has to take advantage of the fame.

I bet Harry's publicist has been pushing for this for awhile, tbh. She has had a BAD year, press-wise.

I can't tell if Housewives made Rinna in her current form, or if Rinna was always like this. I wonder what the sliding doors is on her — if she were on Live with Regis, maybe she would have adjusted into a perfectly decent adult. I can imagine that Housewives corrupts.

Controversial opinion: I don't actually care much at all about ANY of the cast members' sex lives. Across all of Bravo. Like, there's nothing cringier than a "sexy" bathtub scene in one of the Housewives franchises, and I really could go without the reminder about Carl fingerbanging Lindsay. I'm no prude, but I wouldn't even want to hear that about a personal friend, much less a reality star.

"There should be no other weddings on Bravo, let’s go out on a high note."

AGREED. Because wedding episodes are NEVER this good, and NEVER will be again. It is a unicorn. Let's treat it as such.

IMO, they were about to fire her, so she decided to quit. I don't think she would quit on her own either, but I also don't think she would allow herself to be fired.

An unseen footage episode is so necessary.

Him over Craig, definitely. But I stop short of calling him a good guy. His actions in early Summer House showed him as a little more than flawed, imo. Plus, he’s on a reality show — they tend to not quite court the best human beings on the planet, lol.

He’s getting better for sure, but… eh.

Yessss glad someone else is watching!!!

I walked away from the reunion just feeling gross all over...