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But they're not really making any fresh content for millennials either!

I'd be game as long as the parents DON'T get involved. I don't need to see their relationship any more — I'd prefer to just see them living life on their own.

I can't imagine it will ever happen. I know fans want it so badly, but I feel like that's part of the reason why we won't — it would just be fulfilling fan service, and I don't think that the payoff would be as good as the anticipation. I could be wrong, but putting them together could just be like Moonlighting 2.0.

I'm super excited, but I'm also worried that it will end up exactly like previous seasons — promising start, and disappointing execution.

If it were Jen, I can’t believe Heather wouldn’t immediately reveal it.

I think they need a new Gen, one that’s completely separate from what we’ve seen already on Bravo. All the cross-overs have made me a bit bored — Give me a new universe!

THANK GOD NO CRAIG OR SHEP. I am SPENT when it comes to the Southern Charm cast. Time to move on, and I'm glad we are.

I always love a housewife that's willing to be outwardly ridiculous. The sniping behind the scenes is always such a let-down — say your ridiculous things to their face!

That's what my thought was. Like, she didn't really realize what she was getting herself into, but, now that she's there, has to take advantage of the fame.

I bet Harry's publicist has been pushing for this for awhile, tbh. She has had a BAD year, press-wise.