vibe ~613~

I kinda think Coach....

Can it correct this season?

I feel like the Kathy love is so high, the obsession is either going to get exhausting, or we will reverse our opinion in time at start hating her. I would love to have multiple seasons of Kathy, but if I'm in her shoes... be a one-season wonder.

who is your favorite instructor, though, Ben?

I think my record is five days. Seven is very brave. Very brave indeed.

Or did she just have buyer's remorse?

It seems like she doesn't get along with Cynthia, which is... interesting...

Renise was super brave to go on the show and express herself the way she did. I really applaud her for being as open as she was!

Y'all gotta watch Family Karma this year. We should NOT sleep on this one, guys. It's so good!

"And you know what, god bless him for that, because that's what, that's what he... he... who he is."

That feels underhanded to some degree.