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Never even thought about doing it... is this something we should do?!

People who chew with their mouths open are the bane of existence. I used to get upset that my mom would get annoyed at my friends for terrible table manners, but now I could not understand it more.

I'm torn between three options:

1. An emotionally fulfilled Allison Dubois with her vape



All masterpieces in my book.

UK's got the accents. You need the accents to fully enjoy this series.

Exactly! I get that romance is romance, but my god, Kim, it's time to keep things simple and protect your assets.

Yeah, I highly doubt the media would hold back any headline that would get clicks for that reason.

I hate to say that I can't turn away from this, and that I also have no idea who to side with. I see Kevin's points, but I also see giant question marks pertaining as to WHY he has decided to speak out. That said... are we faulting him for having a voice when his own ex is so public with her previous drama? Ugh, this one is such a tough one.

Yeah, I don't believe it for a second. I think they were just running out of headlines, being honest. (And needed to distract from the Khloe story.)

Never. IKEA has been there for us during our roughest times, and we should be there for them.

It was giving '80s Sears