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I love reality TV and I love talking about it and I love reading about it and writing about it and did I mention I love reality TV

I read that Noel something on Netflix with the guy from This Is Us, Justin Hartley, is the best new Christmas movie! I’m excited to watch it.

Yeppppp exactly how I feel. If we saw them on Southern Charm, Summer House, and Winter Charm AND Southern Hospitality ... enough!!

LITERALLY ALL OF THEM. I love how the producers make appearances, too. Like, this show has everything!

Hey Bread!!!!! Grace Lilly's mom is giving Alexis Neier's (sp?) mom and I LOVE IT. What was it she called Grace Lilly? "A genetic bomb"? Amazing. Good call re: GL being Scheana. I have no doubt that GL will put out a song at some point, as well.

Since we're all friends here... Joe Bradley isn't that hot, right?

Maddi's sobriety surprised me and I love being surprised. She's a Stassi x Lala. She's made for TV. I would like footage of Maddi and GL's time in Tulum.

Exactly. My thoughts exactly. And I love the little bombs that keep dropping… ie was she hooking up With her friend in the shower??

And when Robyn called out that Mia’s ass didn’t have any lumps i screamed.

I never thought they were in it for the long haul but yes ha a little of columns A and B!

Like I feel like it was $400,000??? I'm pulling that number out of thin air. But it just was insane!! They had custom neon lights for christ's sake; they really spared no expense. And YES get them on WWHL and have Andy ask them how much it cost ASAP

She’d never quit so I bet she was fired 💯

She’s maniacal.

Also I can’t believe she was almost the host of Live! With Regis/Ryan. I think she’d have been great, but knowing what we know now, she’s have been pretty evil behind the scenes