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I love reality TV and I love talking about it and I love reading about it and writing about it and did I mention I love reality TV

I'm actually LOVING this season!!???? And I'm obsessed with Kyle. I am 100% on his side lololol. I can't wait to see what goes down between Danielle and Lindsay, and I totally believe Lindsay is incredibly toxic. I look forward to it every week! Oh, and the newbies Gabby and Sam are excellent. TBD on the guy, but so far, let's be honest, he's 1000x better than Alex was. (Sorry, Alex!)

I thought it came across as super scripted. When James and Raquel “ran into” each other outside the bathroom, I was like, really? That’s the best we could come up with? It was so forced. I’ll give it 1-2 more episodes but it felt way to scripted for me.

Great point. If they ever did, it just … would not be right.

Omg stop. That’s so cringe.

How soon until the divorce?? Sorry not sorry

content for Gen Z, they can continue to make content for us millennials as we get older and older. I'd love to go to BravoCon in my 70s... how fun!!!

Great points. I have been happily surprised by Southern Hosptitalty, though. Even though it's the Leva crossover, Maddie and Grace are pretty dynamic reality stars. My friends hate the show, though, so maybe it's just me in my winter boredom who enjoys mediocre content.

Does Gen Z watch TV? I feel like they just watch YouTube and TikTok. Yes, this just in, I asked my Gen Z babysitter and she "doesn't watch TV." I'll keep enjoying the heck out of Bravo until I'm dead, so instead of making...

Not sure but since she’s now off the show I hope she spills about what happened that night in aspen with Kathy!

Wait what did I miss??? Please let this be true.

Whoa. I feel silly for not thinking that myself. This makes soooo much sense.

I always end up watching New Girl at some point during the year. But I did marathon LoL last summer — it was awesome. Enjoy!