vibe ~5843~

I love reality TV and I love talking about it and I love reading about it and writing about it and did I mention I love reality TV

Is it open??!! Wow never thought that would happen

Midsommer. Not my vibe — shouldn’t have seen it!

I hope it inspires more people to release private DMs with celebrities! Love the drama!

Bring on the newbies!!

Marvelous Mrs Maisel! Dang. Amy Sherman P can really create a vibe, huh

It was also a smart move on her part — she’s been out of the spotlight for a while and these quotes re-introduce her as our relatable queen! Her quotes about politics to Vogue did the same. Love her

I think she’ll be on the show forever. I feel like she has an agreement with Bravo where she just plays into the drama to promote the show and conversation around the show. She’s said so many times that she’ll do anything to stay relevant — I think she’s playing it up, soap-style, for ratings! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ll give it a chance. I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic

Slap gate. Spit gate has too many possibilities… the slap was so definitive