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I love reality TV and I love talking about it and I love reading about it and writing about it and did I mention I love reality TV

Yeah, Teresa's tableflip moment is so iconic, we might have to go with that one.

I also love the Sisters Richard yelling at Brandi that she's a "slut pig" with their fingers pointed.

Or Bethenny's "go to sleep!" moment!

Hahahahh APA 😂

No I would sure as hell not get married again! Especially if I had her kind of money. I’d wanna protect it and hold it close

I hate to admit it made me interested in watching the interview K Fed did. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s hitting all the high notes for me. By high notes I mean low notes. I’m not proud of myself! But I’m CURIOUS

Totally agree! But I love the mess. Especially with Kanye posting about it 😂 I mean, it’s crazy and offensive but am I enjoying it? Yes

TBH I'm kinda surprised that Gia let her get away with that look. Aggressively terrible!

TBH I saw this lasting longer than this... but I guess, as they say, thank u, next

I was heavily influenced by My So-Called Life back in the day. And Jennifer Love Hewitt in Party Of Five -- the way she always held her sleeves over her wrists. I did that for like 2 years straight!