vibe ~5673~

I love reality TV and I love talking about it and I love reading about it and writing about it and did I mention I love reality TV

Idk she causes convo and drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if she stuck around.

I noticed as well! I thought that it was her teeth.

Thank you!!! Not surprised Craig and Austen don't know how to handle someone's feelings or consider someone else, though lol

Thank you for this because I wanted to read it but also didn’t. 😂

If Austen shows up next season, I'll scream. I think you're right to be concerned... I am too

TBH I don't know why anyone likes Dorinda. She's a legend in her own mind, but is generally rude and bitter and a mean drunk. Not my fave! That said, I would love to visit BSM lol

That's the spirit! I'm with you

Ethan Embry! I loved that guy.

he sure does!!! great one.

I’m all for having a great time at any age but her lack of self awareness is troubling.