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My first likes were on a post of literally just my mountain bike sitting in my backyard. At the time, I was really into mountain biking with my friends and it was starting to become my personality, lol. Like I would go mountain biking almost everyday after school. And I loved talking about my mountain bike.

So I posted the pic, a few of my friends liked it. Then the next day in school my gf told me I was using Instagram wrong, lol.

Oooh I still need to watch! I've heard it's really good and I'll also say I feel like their clothes are coming back for adults. I was obsessed with their clothes in HS but then I feel like with all the bad press it fell out of style.

I def plan to watch now, thanks!

Well that's why you have a weird tolerance to it! lol.

For me, I tried it a few times in high school but didn't drink it regularly until college...then post-grad it became a necessity.

Maybe maybe maybe. But sometimes you gotta do it for the love of the game.

But the combo and way you mix is totally a skill that is unique to you. A very special recipe nonetheless.

Ranch water! Just got into that myself and will 100% be the drink of the summer.

To offer an alternative, I think there's something called "active non-rem rest" or something like that where you essentially lay down and pretend to take a nap for 10-15 mins. Essentially, you aren't falling asleep but you will still feel refreshed after.

I feel like Netflix's brand has shrunk now that the other streaming services have caught up. True, Netflix hasn't had many big, global hits this year (all I can think of is Squid Games). But the real killer is that HBO Max is constantly putting out hits and has all of Warner Bros movie releases and Disney Plus has directed it's deep war chest at streaming and has become a major competitor.

Personally, I rarely watch Netflix anymore.

Memento! One of my fave movies I would watch on repeat in high school. Such a great twist to keep thinking about.

I just got back from a weekend trip to Austin and would def recommend. The food is amazing and there's so many fun areas to go out like 6th Street and Rainey Street.

Just don't go during the summer because it gets HOT HOT HOT.