"Captain Marvel" & "Eternals" Are NOT Worse Than "Thor:Dark World?"

In fact, there are quite a few things in the MCU's robust collection of movies and Disney Plus shows that both movies are better than. You wouldn't know this by traversing to some of the social media comment sections--filled with toxic people (mostly men, let's be honest, who pretend to know comic book lore) hiding behind their keyboards--ready to put down every project that is led by someone who isn't a white male superhero. Diversity should be welcomed in all things, but honestly (internet trolls aside), there are so many reasons outside of having diverse casts/leads that give both movies MAJOR step-ups from "Thor: Dark World" (universally hailed as the MCU's worst outing). Let's just speak on the cinematography of "Eternals." Director Chloe Zhao managed to put together a movie that doesn't look like anything we've seen in the MCU before-one of the prevailing themes of phase 4 of the MCU. I'd love to hear from you all. Are "Captain Marvel" and "Eternals" bad movies?