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Ok, listen… I gotta go with my odds here. I’m fist fighting Morgan Freeman because… you know why. I’m gonna kick Tom Hanks in the shin because where is Wilson? Is he still on that island? And I’m gonna mush Keanu in the face because well… that just sounds like good foreplay ok byeeeeee

It’s a good binge! I’m not sure it’s “appointment television,” but I enjoy it!

Loved season one so I can’t wait either!!

I mean… I hate to see a household divided… BUT CONGRATS ASHLEY!! Take him to the cleaners, take them cute kids, find you a man that deserves your energy, and REJOICE!!

This post… #IMPORTANT! Run me a cheesy Gordita crunch, a hard shell Doritos loco taco, a soft taco, AAAAAAAND (the most important item)… cheesy fiesta potatoes with ground beef added. Give me plenty of fire sauce too. Back when I drank sodas, I needed Baja Blast but now I just get a large ice water. Not me sitting in Longhorn Steakhouse wanting Taco Bell now…

i literally had to do research. I completely forgot about this “Legends of the Streets” concert that I went to this year. Trina, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and a few others. I’m still lowkey paranoid about this pandemic, so I agreed to go in on a skybox for the concert. Otherwise, I would have been home watching more nonsensical mess.

I’m such a planner that I almost think if I were to get married, I’d have to bring the topic up. That’ll probably be the day I get DROPPED lmao I think it can be a good or bad thing

The line “only if marry someone who makes more money than me” lmaoooo I think everyone needs one nowadays. People get married young, before they know what they wanna throw their passion into. By then, sometimes it’s too late. EVERYONE, SIGN IT!

Go get you a Steve Grant, not a Marc Spector. Not me making this about Marvel lmao