vibe ~2814~

I didn’t hate it! I was quick to figure out who fell into the VPUMP tropes but idk if it’s that obvious yet! Although I think it goes without saying Grace Lily (what a name! What a way to smile on camera @ Grace Lily’s mom!) is our Scheana S1, not based on work ethic but based on being the outsider of the group. Right?

Just saw this TikTok which brought me here to see what y’all were saying! All the correspondence in one place

She is such a reactive person and usually I roll my eyes at it (see when she walked off the charter her first season) BUT I love a reactive person when it’s against muppet boy!

sounds a lot like Songbird which Kate mentioned below. I don't even know if that movie is findable now...

I am obsessed with this.

WTF were you there with Stefon from SNL?!

the limit does not exist


unfortunately, zero. but if i had any pasta, it would be rigatoni. the best of the best of the BEST.