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Well, the real horror is not ppl NOT watching The Social Network, but ppl watching The Social Network the way we watch Pearl Harbor or like, Apollo 13... they'll be like WOW 🥺 HISTORY 🤡

ok you're not wrong here. but only for the 30 seconds during the ad. I can't imagine listening to the whole song.

Are you guys gonna watch the new A League of their Own series on Prime with Abbie Jacobsen and D'Arcy Carden

oh Bridesmaids would DEF be a great addition!

Oh man the season 1 finale is really FANTASTIC. That actually might be better than the finale finale — but I just love how they handled the series finale. But yes, very emosh!

Yeah I agree with you! I don't think they're necessary for the show to be GREAT! We really are in need of some personal sh*t from Rinna... she's been coasting on other's drama for years!

The finale of The Good Place was one of the best 30 mins of tv i've ever seen!

Season 4 Ep 5 - when Matt's dad dies. SO good (and heartbreaking)

Some that stand out to me: There Will Be Blood, The Dark Knight, The Social Network