vibe ~2814~

Just saw this TikTok which brought me here to see what y’all were saying! All the correspondence in one place

She is such a reactive person and usually I roll my eyes at it (see when she walked off the charter her first season) BUT I love a reactive person when it’s against muppet boy!

sounds a lot like Songbird which Kate mentioned below. I don't even know if that movie is findable now...

I am obsessed with this.

WTF were you there with Stefon from SNL?!

the limit does not exist


unfortunately, zero. but if i had any pasta, it would be rigatoni. the best of the best of the BEST.

omg people do that to my dog ALL THE TIME TOO! "He's a golden doodle?" me "no actually wheaten, but he gets that a lot" them: "are you sure?" YEAH I AM PRETTY SURE CONSIDERING HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A WHEATEN AND I TOO HAVE MET MOM, DAD, AND GRANDMA.

As far as my own "don't talk to me or my son ever again" - whenever i talk to someone about being anxious or stressed about something and they say... "why don't you just stop being anxious about it." OK, great idea! hadn't thought about that one!