vibe ~673~

he must be losing it because why in the hell was that taken so much out of proportion

I’m really confused and still shocked by all this. His speech?? Everything was so awkward especially when they cut him off like what.

I love this!! And it’s so true- I’m honestly just glad when I get to sit down and call him for a bit.

Me too! I love Ariana’s and Indy Blue who just got an emerald and a diamond. It’s so unique!

YUM! I need to try. I do agree kale chips can hit the spot so I need to try homemade ones

Game of Thrones was one of those shows I had a quick little obsession with then just cut cold Turkey with watching. And tbh I don’t mind!

I too, hate Shake. He is just all over the place all the time and never once was that committed to Deepti. She deserved better !!

Also those shots of Shayne are incredible.

I don’t know my loudest but my quietest was Khalid and I felt so bad for him cuz it was kind of awkward

I’ve been subconsciously doing intermittent fasting recently and start eating around 2 accidentally. But I kinda of like it!

I really do like Elliot but the song was just a tad too long. My friends and I were going on our phones and talking about the episode and then he was like still singing….