Dream cast for Fast & Furious franchise

BIG NEWS FOR THE FAMILY - Brie Larson is joining the Fast & Furious franchise! She and Vin (if you will) both posted about her starting in the 10th film (can’t wait) and I am HYPED. She’s such a fun addition.

We don’t know anything about her role, I’m obviously hoping she’s somehow linked to Cipher (Charlize) but maybe she’ll be a good guy! Who knows!

The news got me thinking about who I’d wanna see join The Family. (With a capital F.) Obviously when the Rock joined, they bested themselves with that. So who else is there? I love HDTGM podcast so obviously would love Jason, June, and Tall to make cameos. It’s the least the studio could do (throw Adam Scott in there too.) I’d also love to see Julie Andrews as Helen Mirren’s crime-boss sister. Maybe that’s a spin-off opp, too? (Still waiting for 2Hobbs 2Shaw.)

I also would love a chaotic cameo from Nic Cage. I feel like that needs no explanation.