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This is a weird one that no one talks about, but I was always surprised they killed off Susan on Seinfeld. Not that I expected her to stick around, but it was definitely a CHOICE to have her die via postage stamp.

I hate that I bop a bit to the Applebee’s song, but I do. I do.

Oh, and “Dan’s Funeral” from Big Brother!

I think they are… for now. I would say we need one more season checking in with Erika, and then, after that, I think we’re good to move on. Rinna, I’m less convinced we need back, but I also recognize she brings drama. If we were to cut her off, would the show become… boring?

I do feel like I’m ready for a Garcelle and Sutton renaissance though.

This is difficult! A few in contention for me that aren’t already mentioned:

Seinfeld, “The Parking Garage”

American Idol, Season 7 finale (David vs David)

30 Rock, “Rosemary’s Baby”

New Girl, “Background Check”

Lost, “Pilot”

Survivor, “If It Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese”

Arrested Development, “Pier Pressure”

Curb, “The Doll”

Sex and the City, “The Real Me”

Ted Lasso, “Beard’s Night Out”

Project Runway, “Innovation” (only cuz I can’t remember the ep with Santino’s Tim Gunn impression)

The pilot is perfect!

The series finale or season 1 finale? I would argue the latter was the best of the entire show, but that’s probably bc 1) I love twists, and 2) I can’t emotionally handle the series finale.

Lord Of The Rings deserves its spot! It is a gift!

But others that need to be added: There Will Be Blood, Zodiac, Inglourious Basterds, Parasite, Toy Story 3, and, you know what, Anchorman.

Truth be told, I actually enjoy watching them have fun more than I enjoy the fighting.

Do you leave it there for the next guest?