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Good to see that Bravo created a show with good people that worked — maybe there’s hope for RHONY after all!

It’s… not great.

On the one hand, Amanda is most likely right. On the other, Lindsay has done a lot for Loverboy, and so having your friend say something negative about you on national TV can sting a bit. Mostly, these people need to reach out to their friends after every WWHL appearance.


I wanted to give him and Paige the benefit of the doubt, but the way he talked to her on SH alone was SO rough.

Team Candiace all the way!

Yeah, that’s the issue: can inspiring, smart people with control over themselves and their images be interesting to watch?

I respected Housewives for ditching Kelly Dodd when they did, but it feels like they’re seeing how far the others can push things before they cross a line. But, I would argue so many of them have already crossed a line.

I do wish we would return to the days of wacky, delusional, fun Housewives. Like, give me another Luann or, lord, even Kelly Bensimon before another Erika.

Luke no longer fit in with the Summer House crowd, clearly, so I wouldn’t hate seeing him try his hand on another series. And of all Housewives franchises, RHOP certainly is the place you want to be.

I’m into it. All the more intrigue for the season ahead…