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Here's What Olivia Colman Said During Her Emmys Speech
Olivia Colman knows how to give a speech.
Allison Piwowarski
It's Kate Winslet Being Kate Winslet For Me
Evan Peters said it best when he said he'd like to thank Kate Winslet for being Kate Winslet.
Allison Piwowarski
Never Retire The Close Ups Of The Award Show Losers
When I think of award shows, I think of the glitz and glamour, the long nights and lots of champagne (if we're lucky).
Allison Piwowarski
What's In The Boxes On The Table At The Emmys?
This year is obviously different in a lot of ways for the 2021 Emmys.
Samantha Bush
A List Of All The COVID Jokes From The 2021 Emmys
They say that humor is mankind's best survivor tool (my mom has that on a pillow in her sun room, so) and the COVID jokes at the 2021 Emmys were some of the sharpest in the shed.
Lindsay Mannering
Seth Rogen Understood The Velma From 'Scooby-Doo' Assignment
Seth Rogen showed up to the 2021 Emmys red carpet looking like if Velma Dinkley and Succession's Jeremy Strong had a baby.
Allison Piwowarski
Jason Sudeikis' Socks Replaced The Divorcee Hoodie At The 2021 Emmys
Back in February, which feels like forever ago, Jason Sudeikis wore that tie-dye hoodie that emanated Big Divorce Energy.
Lindsay Mannering
Could Jen Shah Actually Go To Jail After All This?
As we all saw last during the premiere of RHOSLC, Jen Shah was arrested a mere 12 minutes after leaving the Beauty Lab + Laser parking lot.
Allison Hunt
'I Am The Cute One' Gets Even Cuter In Season 2
Just like Mary-Kate and Ashley's leap from their local detective agency to getting involved in Bahamian international smuggling rings, I Am the Cute One is growing up and getting a whole new look for Season 2!
Allison Piwowarski
All About Those ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Looks
It's been the best RHOBH season in years. So why are the reunion outfits so underwhelming?
Kate Ward