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Where Is Ginny Going At The End Of 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 1?
Spoilers for Season 1 of Ginny & Georgia ahead.
Tara Bitran
The 'WandaVision' Finale Could Change The MCU Forever
WandaVision has a lot of loose ends to tie up before the series comes to an end on Friday, March 5. What is Director Hayward's endgame?
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Hey, '90 Day's Tarik & Hazel — You're Doing It Wrong
For the most part, Tarik and Hazel’s storyline has been blissfully drama free on 90 Day Fiancé, but that wasn’t the case in the latest episode.
Chelsea Duff
Interpreting John Bell's Emojis From The 'Outlander' Season 6 Set
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what are five emojis worth?
Caitlin Gallagher
Wait, Was Heather Martin At The 'Women Tell All'?
If you thought Heather driving 0ff in her minivan and a fancy white gown was the cringeworthy part of her Bachelor journey, think again.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Here's What To Expect On 'Winter House'
After rumors swirled about a potential Real World-lite experience, Bravo has finally confirmed that there will be a Winter House, and guys, I have predictions.
Samantha Bush
Our Podcast Dives Into The History Of 'Arrested Development'
Solid as a rock.
Kate Ward
26 Of The Funniest (And Most Awkward) 'Outlander' Moments
One of the most mortifying things that can happen to an Outlander fan is another person walking in when a sex scene is on.
Caitlin Gallagher
Did Peter Morgan Tease 'The Crown' Season 6 In His Zoom Background?
You'd be forgiven if, during the Golden Globes, you were too distracted by the giant printer/scanner in Peter Morgan's home office to notice the books displayed behind the Crown showrunner.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong
Ellen Pompeo Isn't Sure About The Future Of 'Grey's Anatomy' Either
Forget whether or not Meredith Grey survives COVID-19, the real thing we all need to be worried about is whether or not she even makes it to next season.
Olivia Truffaut-Wong