Anyone interested in the discrimination lawsuit filed by Nene Leakes against Bravo?


Nene Leakes filed a discrimination lawsuit against Bravo, NBC and Andy Cohen (among others) alleging a historical culture of discrimination that fosters racially offensive behavior that goes unpunished. She also alleges that she was unlawfully retaliated against for speaking up about racist behavior on RHOA. Although a discussion on this topic could go left, I do think it is interesting and important to point out some of the allegations in the Complaint.

I'm curious if anyone is interested in knowing more about the lawsuit? I did a deep dive into the 74 page complaint and there are a lot of thought provoking issues raised regarding disparate treatment, hostile work environment (remember, this is a job for these ladies) and potential retaliation.

I don't see a lot of discussion on it on social media so I thought I'd raise it here. I love this community and am wondering if people are interested. If so, let's discuss!

*Edited to add info!* (This information comes from the Complaint, not my opinions)

Here are some basic allegations that we (Bravoholics) already know:

- Lack of diversity among Bravo casts (Real Housewives and other series such as VPR, Southern Charm)

-Racially insensitive and inappropriate behavior is tolerated, if not encouraged

(See: Luanne as "Diana Ross", Luanne referring to Native Americans as "Indians" and doing a war whoop [gosh, these make me uncomfortable to even type], LeAnne Locken "the chirpy Mexican" comments, Brandi Redmond "squinty eyes" comments, Kameron Wescott and her behavior towards Tiffany Moon, and of course, Ramona Singer [no explanation needed])

Re: Ramona and her conduct towards Eboni K. Williams. Allegedly, on the episode where Luann kicked Eboni out of her home, Ramona said, "this is why we shouldn't have black people on the show." Reportedly, Eboni lodged an internal complaint re: Ramona's behavior, as did a crew member of RHONY (also alleging racially offensive comments by Ramona). Apparently, Heather Yummy Tummy Thompson has publicly stated she heard Ramona make that remark re: black people on the show. The lawsuit goes on to allege that instead of allowing these allegations to come to light, Bravo decided not to air the reunion and chose to sweep the issue under the rug by cancelling the reunion. Despite the allegations against Singer, Bravo/NBC continued to reward her by selecting her to be on RHUGT. "Tellingly, (Luann) was also given this same gig."

Re: Jennie Nguyen's firing: Bravo took no action against Jennie in real time, but rather attempted to silence her co-workers' public discussion of the racially inappropriate conduct. She alleges that Bravo tried to bury the issue rather than correct and remedy it.

A large portion of the Complaint involves the allegations of unlawful treatment of Nene while working on RHOA. Nene alleges that Kim repeatedly engaged in racially offensive behavior which was condoned, accepted and tolerated. Instead of subjecting her to appropriate remedial action, they rewarded her with special perks and privileges denied to the black housewives. Nene alleges that she and other housewives spoke up but nothing was done to stop it.

Re: "Roachgate" - when Nene called Kim out publicly, she was chastised (in writing) and told that it was not good for business and she needed to "take it off -line". Nene claimed she was retaliated against for complaining about Kim's racist behavior and Bravo attempted to silence her.

Bravo claimed they were sidelining her because they were concerned about her tax lien (which was paid without consequence other than late fee penalties). The Complaint goes on to show how other non-black housewives were allowed to do much worse without consequence. (See Teresa Guidice whose profile on Bravo rose after her legal issues and prison stint, including casting on RHUGT, Dorit Kemsley had a 925k tax lien, and of course Erika Jayne's alleged involvement with her husband's fraud)


When reading the Complaint, I legitimately forgot that this is a workplace for these women. I know they're filming a reality show, but they are entitled to the same workplace protections that you and I have. For whatever reason, I've never looked at these shows in that way. We are not privy to what goes on with production behind the scenes, but we all see that these Bravo shows have continuously lacked diversity and women like Ramona and Luann have gotten away with some pretty horrific behavior that would NEVER be tolerated in a traditional workplace. Now, I admittedly have not watched Atlanta religiously so I don't have much insight into Kim's behavior, but the allegations that she was treated better than her castmates and allowed special privileges (not filming at certain times, not traveling without her husband, etc.) despite racist behavior is shocking. I was also shocked to hear that Bravo used Nene's tax lien as justification for sidelining her (after she complained about Kim) when they've allowed so much worse from other white housewives.

I'm interested in other's thoughts. If you've read this far, it's time for glasses.