'NYC Prep' Is The 'Gossip Girl' That We Always Wanted

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'NYC Prep' Is The 'Gossip Girl' That We Always Wanted

There’s a scene in the middle of the first episode of NYC Prep, Bravo’s 2009 one-season wonder about the social lives of a group of Upper East Side teens, where Jessie is shopping at the boutique Blue & Cream and the sales rep says the outfit she is trying on is “so Gossip Girl.”

“I hate that show so much,” Jessie says. When the sales rep asks why she says, “I was eating at STK until they filmed it on Gossip Girl. I don’t want to have to go eat there with a bunch of freshmen.” But Jessie has the much-vaunted CW show (which is about to debut a much-hyped reboot on HBO) to thank for her one big shot at reality fame. Bravo was once again trying to get that scripted lightning into a reality bottle much like it did with the Real Housewives of Orange County, which ripped off Desperate Housewives. Sadly, the results weren’t as great, at least ratings wise.

Though I am the president and founder of the Real Housewives Institute, this was one of the Bravo shows that I never quite took a cottoning too. In fact, I never even gave it a shot. Still so many Bravoholics are constantly referencing it and wishing it would come back from the dead, so much that I thought I should give the first episode a little looksie. They are clearly trying hard to be GoPiss Girl (as I now forever think of it) from the very first moments when they talk about how fast gossip spreads on the UES and we see a mini-montage of teens all clack-a-lacking into their Blackberries (RIP).

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