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From my amateur sleuthing skills I have discovered who I THINK will be starring in the upcoming series, Southern Charm: Leva Land, which focuses, Vanderpump Rules-style, on Leva Bonaparte's restaurant, Republic. Which as we know, is THE place to go in Charleston. The entire cast of Southern Charm frequents it and has for years.

My predictions are based on this tweet, which showed servers at Republic:

And then searching for Leva's bar on IG, I found this photo:

Those photos had the following people tagged, who, let's be real, definitely looks like Bravo reality stars who work at a restaurant. This isn't our first rodeo!!

The rumored cast of Leva Land might include...

Lucia P (@sunshinelu13): In her IG bio it says she is part of bottle service at Republic. She is also a mother to one son named Lucas.

Maddi Reese (@madison_reese): She seems to be in charge of the VIP section at Republic according to her IG bio. And is also a DJ.

William (@_kulp): is a British model, unsure of his role at the restaurant and might be dating bottle service girl Emmy (see below)

Emmy Sharrett (@esharrett15): Bottle service girl at Republic, and looks to be recently dating William, since she posted a recent pic of them together celebrating a birthday.

 Bradley Carter (@bradnboujee_): is a personal trainer, and works at Republic. He, Maddi, and William seem to be close friends.

Mia Alario (@miaalario): works at Republic (unsure of her role)

Joe Bradley (@joecbradley): Lives in Charleston, and works at Republic. Seems to be friends with Bradley and Lucia.

They are all hot, beautiful, young and I know they are gonna be messy. I just know it. I can't wait.

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