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The Bachelor
~ the-bachelor ~almost 2 years ago
Gabby's grandpa as the Senior Bachelor PLEASE

I'm not sure where ABC is at in terms of casting for The Senior Bachelor, but wow, did I see their number one casting choice on the screen during Monday's episode of The Bachelor. It felt like they were, to a degree, setting it up. Him talking about his late wife (cried during this) and being an emotionally available man (huge points). He was such a sweet man and I feel like casting someone we know from a hometown would be a great in for the series to launch. What do you think?

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~ the-bachelor ~over 1 year ago
Bachelorette at sea???

This all started as a Reddit rumor back in March. That Virgin Voyages canceled a months worth of cruises last minute to film for The Bachelorette. What stuck out to me on Reddit was, "Easter family vacations ruined."

Then show creator, Mike Fleiss, tweets this photo.

"Happy Easter, #BachelorNation !!! Exclusive international photo" With Gabby and Rachel standing in front of a large body of water.

Now, what are the chances that he posts THIS photo on Easter weekend, the same time this Reddit thread is saying cruises were canceled to film. Either Fleiss stays on Bachelor Reddit, or there are some legs to this.

Do we believe the conspiracy?

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