Celebrity News
Celebrity News
The Intricate Planning Of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Kim and Kanye have been showcasing their new beaus at a rate even MGK and Megan Fox are jealous of.
Simrin Purhar
It's Less "Who Is Julia Fox," and More, "Why Is It Julia Fox"
The story of an eccentric billionaire fashion designer and a newly single mom with an alleged “deadbeat ex” suddenly becoming one of the hottest celebrity couples is actually a rather typical occurrence by Hollywood standards.
Kiki Monique
Vanessa Hudgens Is The Netflix Version Of Mariah Carey
Once upon a time, Vanessa Hudgens was crowned the queen of Coachella.
Allie Jones
We're Not Nicer To Celebs These Days, We're Just Meaner To Their Bullies
Twenty twenty-one was a year of redemption and reckoning for the early 2000s celebrity.
Kiki Monique
You'll Soon Be Hearing The Word "Microcannula" A Lot
As public figures, most celebrities and influencers usually need to look attractive or desirable to further their careers; and if they’re in a movie/TV show, ad campaign, or even just the public eye on social media, their anthropometrics and…
Dana Omari
How Did Some Of LA's Biggest Influencers Become The Influenced?
Con artists are either revered or despised and it’s typically dependent upon one thing — who they’ve duped.
Kiki Monique
Can The Kardashians Be Canceled?
On this planet earth, the Kardashians are about as much a given as air.
Kate Ward
Has Chris Pratt Become The Man We Hate To Love, Or Love To Hate?
Until a few years ago, liking Chris Pratt had been easy.
Kiki Monique
This New Batch Of Skinny White Boys Needs A History Lesson
Skinny white guys are having a moment and their evolution has been a fascinating one to observe. What was once considered an aesthetic reserved for band geeks or goth loners has now become an aspirational archetype.
Kiki Monique
Why Is "Parasocial" Inexorably Linked To John Mulaney?
In 2016, the long-running Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud escalated quickly.
Kate Ward