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Soooo happy for them!! Go Becca!

It was the first time I watched it and really felt like they weren't trying to hide their opulent lifestyles. I genuinely don't know what the point of Kris & Kylie's "normal" adventure was... Also, was anyone else surprised they actually showed the private chef?? Usually the help is invisible on this show and this is now the third episode where they acknowledge their existence lol

Aww this is such nice news! Such a talented cast. I wouldn't be mad if Sex Education doesn't come back honestly. I think it ended on a cliff hanger, but it was such a good season I don't want it to get the Netflix curse of overstaying it's welcome.

Normani I gave a good “pop-star” twist to what Gilded Glamour could mean.

Shawn Mendes killed the look with Tommy Hilfiger. Best mens look I have possibly ever seen on the Met Carpet. He truly was the Viscount.

Kiki Layne (I don’t know who this is but her dress is stunning)

Anitta had the look of the night to me. Stunning purple Moschino dress and the pearl details were gorgeous.

The Telemundo reporter.

Completely agree. No one would have noticed. I'll also be a little petty and say what we're all thinking: HOW IS THIS 'GILDED GLAMOUR'??

I agree, Kate. I think it was unnecessary and not even very worth it. I’m seeing this trend of being extremely skinny coming back and it’s scary.

EDIT: I just found out the video is over a year old 😂. AND it was deleted by Harper’s Bazaar 😵‍💫.

Bowen! He has a movie coming out this summer and he’s a gay icon!! Kim Kardashian asked HIM for a picture. We have no choice but to stan.