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Queen Charlotte Series

Since I've already plowed through season two of Bridgerton. I was ecstatic when I opened IG today and saw that Shonda is working on a new project just about Queen Charlotte

Actually, I hope this project already has many hours put in to it and will be released sooner than later because I don't feel like I got enough of my Bridgerton fill this season. I need more!

Also, I don't care if there is proof or not, I'm convinced that Queen Charlotte was Britain's first Black queen and I stan.

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Some thoughts on s2 (light spoilers)

Despite my better judgements and in the absence of The Dropout, I binged all eight episodes of Bridgerton s2 this weekend. And when, I say weekend, I mean about 12 hours split between Friday night and Saturday morning. Now Bridgertson s1 is not something I enjoyed, but I watched so being cursed with s2 is mostly my own damn fault. So here are some stray thoughts on the less than stellar follow-up:

1. Someone has to stop the madness over at Shondaland because if they think I signed up to watch subplots about art school, they are wrong!

2. Did any one else totally forget the family's name is Bridgerton? I thought that was they town they lived in. Other things I forgot, the two youngest siblings and almost every character's name. Also that Daddy Bridgerton died.

3. Much has been made of the second season's lack of sex. I am mostly fine with this, because it seems they want to tell a different kind of love story. So sure, The Duke & Homegirl with the bad bangs had a raw sexual chemistry, and these two are giving more Pride and Prejudice. Well if that's the case, somebody call Matthew McFayden and Keira, because the Viscount and Kate don't have the chemistry! I feel across the board we are letting chemistry slip away and just throwing people together on screen now. Fitz and Olivia didn't f-ck there way around D.C. for this!

4. Where all the gays? I'm sorry but I cannot stand for this anymore. Bridgerton needs a shady gay - maybe that hangs out with the queen and ends up having an affair with Tony Goldwyn. I'm tech avail Shonda!

5. If we are following the remaining Bridgerton children in the upcoming seasons, we need a hard re-cast, because I do not care about them. In fact, take the whole cast of Sex Lives of College Girls and drop them in Bridgerton. You're welcome Netflix!

I'd would also like to see is us follow the hot blonde from across the street to America, a whole show about young Lady Danbury, or a reboot of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

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