vibe ~210~

I read this multiple times as Tan France dressing David Axelrod and Carl Rove

Paid for a full year and need to watch at least 9 more to feel I got my money’s worth. Will most likely just watch Mariah’s 9 more times

I will report back for you!

Cannot believe we didn’t dip into LOTR over drinks!

Never gonna leave us!!

For some reason the LOTR line that runs through my head is “fool of a Took!”

In a movie full of perfect lines that one stands out

May I raise you this! "Had I accepted the pickle juice...I would be drinking pickle juice."

Wow, I'd never heard that Kanye quote. Love it! Also, yes to Scandal! The 1-2-3-4-5 monologue is everything to me.

If it's celebrity quotes there's something about Mariah Carey saying, "I don't have time for the whole Mariah is nice to everybody bit."

She is a very reliable working actress!