I didn't really miss Simon!

When we learned that Rege-Jean Page wasn't going to be returning to Bridgerton Season 2, I was pretty bummed. I thought he was so great (OK, and hot) and I couldn't imagine how they'd naturally write him out of the show without it feeling like a huge hole in the plot. I figured his absence would also leave any furthering plot line for Daphne to feel stilted.

But then I watched Season 2! And Simon who? I seriously totally forgot about the guy because I was so wrapped up in Anthony and Kate's story. Sure, it was a little funny to see Daphne be rather present in her siblings' lives and her husband be completely MIA. And yes, I would have expected at least ONE pop in from the actor — can't we work his day rate into the budget? But all-in-all, I really feel like the show did a great job at moving the story along without dwelling on the happenings of Season 1.

What did you guys think? Did you miss Simon, or were you distracted enough by everything else going on!