Which Bridgerton Are You Most Excited To See On Screen?

I spent my weekend bingeing 'Bridgerton' and I need more. Lucky for all of us, the show has already been renewed for a 3rd and 4th season 🙌.

I have read 5 out of the 8 books and I am happy to report, if the show is going in order, that the 3rd book is my favorite of the ones I've read so far and is centered around Benedict. This book is very cinderella themed, with steamy scenes of course. Although, I do wonder if they'll skip to the 4th book, which is centered around Colin and a certain someone you can probably guess since they've been building this up for a while. Eloise is book 5 and TBH it's the only one I have not liked. This may be the first time I have ever wanted something to be different than the books. Book 6 is Francesca all grown up and although I haven't read it, I hear it's steamy and people's favorite so I'm excited. I'm sure by the time they get around to film this, she'll be of age. And then we can't forget about little Hyacinth and Gregory!

Who are you most excited to see?