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Writer at The Dipp, covering (mostly) Outlander

I think she lost them just in that final mall fight with the Mind Flayer. And yeah I guess that dude/Vecna thing is somehow the real power behind the creatures of the Upside Down?!?!

Fun fact: "Separate Ways" was once my ringtone 🤘🏻

I know!! It looked like they were getting flirty with Jonathan away. But Steve needs to be with ME, not Nancy, obvi

... or single mom is acceptable too 😁

Yes! Her skin is absurdly luminous!

HA. Who knew the secret to looking younger was horrible bangs?!

This author loves a pro-chops stance!

Thank you for the explanation! And the Morgan reference from Boy Meets World is absolute perfection! Guess Francesca was just in her room for a real long time.

You can't go wrong with a NZ Sauv Blanc! It's pretty much the only white I drink. Monkey Bay is the least good BUT it's the only one I have found that comes in 1.5 L size, so it gets the job done on the cheap 😁 The Prophecy one has pretty artwork if you're gifting. The Matua Lighter Sauvignon Blanc is surprisingly tasty too! I didn't buy this because it was a "lite" wine (it was the only one my liquor store had in stock lol) but it's got a lower ABV so it's only 80 calories a glass.

I thought it was so cool!! ... but now that you say it, it definitely gave off Midsommar vibes 😂 With the way he treated those women, Clayton's lucky he got out of there as easily as he did 🐻

There's so much stuff!! I'm amazed at Hot Topic giving Outlander so much love. I wonder if my punch card from 2005 (😭) is still valid?!