vibe ~185~

Bravo is life!

Cruise by Florida Georgia line, feat Nelly

You should read the Doja rolling stone cover story to catch up on her*. Fascinating human for sure!

OH if there’s soft serve, vanilla cone dipped in chocolate! Every time.

Ty for this. Def strawberry shortcake bar if I was with my mom. If I was with other kids, ice cream sandwich bc I thought the shortcake bar was too “grownup”

Interesting! What seasons did you watch religiously? I think I’ve wavered a lil as well and become a “clip girl” or at least hulu no commercials, but I still enjoy it and the process of watching it! Even when it’s not funny.

Interesting that there was no family… like even the kids?

Ok I think smart water has a deal with airports bc anything but smart water and Dasani are hard to find.

In the Normal priced water brands, PS is def the best.

Evian is a pricey heavy hitter imho! I think it’s the best, it’s so smooooooth

Girl get yourself some minerals. Jen Aniston doesn’t know sh*t when it comes to water.

(Edit: aka Evian)

Huge difference between ranch dressing and ranch dip. Ranch dip is great with veggies. Ranch dressing is great with fries, pizza, the savories. Ranch on salad is disgusting.