vibe ~217~

Bravo is life!

Ok I think I know what is happening with Dubai. It’s filmed EXACTLY like Selling Sunset. It feels way more curated and inauthentic than a normal RH. For me, the premiere wasn’t great. I wonder if they’ll keep up with this style or if it will adjust into a more normal storytelling. It has very strong SS/ even Love Island dance party vibes that I just wasn’t feeling.

BRING IT ON. CHE WAS LEGIT MY FAV CHARACTER NOT EVEN BEING FUNNY. Can’t wait to see their season 2 storyline and if they really want to take it to the next level, HBO Max, release the Netflix special!

I’ve been to many Stephanie Izard restaurants in Chicago — she’s amazing. Girl & the Goat is a must at some point in life.

Also yet another BIP success! Is BIP officially more successful than Bach(ette)???

Being rude to wait staff. Such an ick.

Ooooh that’s a GOOD ONE! The variety!

Omfg I loved the mole (esp celeb mole) and this sounds amazing. Def need to watch!

(Also the mole is on Netflix if anyone wants a lil throwback)