vibe ~81~

AND more importantly congrats on your baby this summer!

THANK YOU for the feedback on what you’ve heard about how effective it is! And yep… this is one area that just wont quit.

GREAT advice. The doctor said the exact same thing!

Totally. The two docs I’ve seen thus far offered free consults!

That’s coolsculpting. Totally different procedure.

Applicable to all things relating to Paige. 😙

Right?!? I wish I could pull of most of what Paige does (let’s start with saying no to a hot Italian model) but my efforts are futile.

You crack me up!!! Is it still acceptable to say fo sheezy?

I’ve always wanted a fringe bang and my cowlicks make them impossible because they’ll never lay flat. Since the curtain bang isn’t necessary supposed to lay flat, I’m thinking this might be my chance. TBD when I see my stylist tomorrow.

Thinks needs to be arranged on an IG Live perhaps.