A message from Lady Whistledown regarding the viscount's mutton chops

Dearest gentle reader,

Did you miss me? More importantly, did you miss the Viscount Bridgerton's mutton chops??

The ton was all but silent on the matter. But my dear readers, I know some of you were astute enough to pick up that Anthony Bridgerton's facial hair was all but lacking as compared to last social season.

This author wonders how Kate Sharma would have felt if Anthony's sideburns had consumed most of his face as they once did? Was the eldest Bridgerton's physical appearance improved by the subtler shades of hair?

I have it on good authority that less hair makes for a more confident if still vexed viscount (https://www.vogue.co.uk/arts-and-lifestyle/article/jonathan-bailey-interview). But this author, in an unprecedented turn of events, craves to know your facial follicle feelings.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown