vibe ~25~

I wonder if they'll do two seasons ala RHONY and recast Vanderpump Rules. Also- do they bring back the former cast members 😬?

Diane Jenkins saying, "You need a new villain? Here I am" is ICONIC.

LOL 100%. First Craig and Austen and now TC? TBH I live for this drama.

BAHAH NO but I literally have a video on my phone after getting yelled at and being like "mom and dad are mad so we have to be quiet" to my dogs and still playing in the house. I'm the problem child. I own it.

I would LOVE this. Also I didn't know she was friends with Leah!!!

So many mugs. I love coffee mugs.

Agree with everything you said! I think he would have been in group scenes but that's about it. Maybe he would have been Anthony's confidant over Daphne but I loved the dynamic switch between Daphne and her brother so I was into it.

I don't have a pet but am obsessed with my parent's dogs. I call them my brother and sister. And sometimes when I'm playing ball in the house we all get in trouble just like normal siblings 🤣.

Flamingo is great and affordable!