The 'Succession' Insults Of Season 3 Mean War For The Roys

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The 'Succession' Insults Of Season 3 Mean War For The Roys

The characters of Succession may not excel at interpersonal relationships or even business dealings. (Seriously, are any of them good at their jobs?) But the one thing they all excel at is making other people feel teeny-tiny. The insults on Succession Season 3 may not always be eloquent, but they do always require you to have thick skin.

The best insult slinger in the Roy family is none other than the patriarch, Logan. But the kids learned from the best, so they're no slouches either... even if Logan doesn't think any of them are fit to fill his CEO shoes. Besides the requisite "fuck you"s and "fuck off"s, here are all the insults of Succession Season 3.

1. "You Wanna Suck My Dick?"

Who: Logan to Roman

When: Episode 1, "Secession"

Why: Clearly, this is the only appropriate way to respond when your son asks you, "Um... Dad? Want me to ride with you?" Who needs a kiss from daddy when he's offering the chance of fellatio?

2. "I'm Gonna Grind His Fucking Bones To Make My Bread."

Who: Logan to Kendall via Jess

When: Episode 1, "Secession"

Why: "I'm gonna run up off the fucking beanstalk," Kendall retorts back, but his reference to Jack and the Beanstalk doesn't have the same sting to it. Fee-fi-fo-fum, fucker.

3. "So, Don't Act Like A Cunt To Me Because It Won't Fucking Wash!"

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