Ranking Every Single Logan Roy "Fuck Off" In 'Succession'

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Ranking Every Single Logan Roy "Fuck Off" In 'Succession'

Succession is often compared to the works of William Shakespeare as the Roy family jockeys for power, money, and their father's love. But the Emmy-winning HBO series can also be compared to the Bard for the rich tapestry of language that it weaves — particularly, the use of the term, "Fuck off," by patriarch Logan Roy. Throughout the first two seasons, Logan Roy says, "Fuck off," on Succession a grand total of 27 times... and that's even with him out of commission early on in Season 1. Other family members inevitably use the term as well, but it's Brian Cox's Daddy Roy that has shown just how powerful — and versatile! — these seven letters can be.

As the host of HBO's official Succession podcast, Roger Bennett, said, Logan "has more ways of saying 'Fuck off,' than the Finnish have for snow." Cox, a guest on the podcast, humbly said, "I never thought it was going to be the catchphrase of Logan Roy." When it comes to his many deliveries, the seemingly-delightful Scottish actor added, "There's various tones that you employ."

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Employees of Waystar Royco and three out of four of his children (one far more than others) are often on the receiving end of Logan's various "Fuck offs." Below, I have ranked each time he has uttered the phrase using the following criteria:

Recipient: +1 or more for notable members of Waystar Royco and doctors, +5 baseline for a child, subtraction or addition based on context and their headspace at the time

Hilarity Factor: How much did Logan's cruelness make you cackle? Was it more a Shiv snicker or a Roman hyena laugh?

Devastation Factor: Just exactly how broken would Kendall look?

Manipulation Factor: What games was the Machiavellian Daddy Roy playing when he said it?

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: How efficient was his decree?

Rarely does anyone want to be on the receiving end of a Logan "fuck off" (except maybe some devoted Succession fans). Here's where each of his scathing "fuck offs" lands.

24. Season 1, Episode 1, "Celebration" at 20:49

Why The Fuck?: The paparazzi surround his home as Logan heads to his 80th birthday luncheon.

Delivery Method: "Fuck off."

Recipient: Paparazzi. 0 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan's first "fuck off" isn't remarkably witty, but it earns humor points in hindsight since seasoned audience members know this is the beginning of a beautiful fuck off friendship. 2 points

Devastation Factor: The paparazzi have heard far worse. 0 points

Manipulation Factor: This fuck off seems super straight forward. But Logan is a media mogul, so who knows if he had some ulterior motives? And is it possible he knew that Kendall was the one to tip them off? 2 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Of course not! They're paparazzi! -5 points

Total Points: -1

23. Season 2, Episode 3, "Hunting" at 5:17

Why The Fuck?: During an in-office check-up, Logan's doctor asks him if he has been experiencing any anxiety or paranoia from his medication.

Delivery Method: "Oh, fuck off. They're trying to destroy my life's work."

Recipient: Dr. Judith, his personal physician. 1 point

Hilarity Factor: It doesn't call for even a chortle. 0 points

Devastation Factor: This doctor gets paid the big bucks to do house visits and is probably a Big Deal in his own field, so he isn't all too concerned. 0 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan isn't necessarily on top in this power hierarchy, but he is attempting to derail the conversation so as not to discuss his failing health. 1 point

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Not only does the doctor not fuck off, but he also suggests Logan skip the corporate retreat. -1 point

Total Points: 1

22. Season 2, Episode 9, "DC" at 59:51

Why The Fuck?: Shiv comes in for a father-daughter nightcap after Rhea Jarrell has quit.

Delivery Method: "Well, she can fuck off and enjoy her lily-white, chicken-flesh conscience working for a fucking phone company."

Recipient: Rhea, said indirectly to Shiv. 0 points

Hilarity Factor: Shiv herself scoffs, but it's fun watching Logan shit-talk Rhea. 2 points

Devastation Factor: Rhea isn't physically present for the diss. 0 points

Manipulation Factor: Is this Logan pretending to be OK? He may not be happy with Rhea quitting, but his casual dismissal of her indicates he's more concerned with saving the company from the cruise scandal and has moved on to focus on the upcoming "blood sacrifice." 1 point

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: He didn't even get the satisfaction to fire Rhea since she chose to leave the company. -1 point

Total Points: 2

21. Season 2, Episode 1, "The Summer Palace" at 38:52

Why The fuck?: Logan has gathered the family at the "Summer Palace" to ask if they want to hold onto Waystar Royco following Kendall's failed takeover with Sandy and Stewy.

Delivery Method: "But I guess the question that's been put to me is, do we really want this fight? Or is now the moment to cash in and fuck off out of the casino?"

Recipient: Gerri and his family — Kendall, Roman, Marcia, Shiv, Tom, Willa, and Connor — but said indirectly. 0 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan may be acting more lighthearted than usual, but this is no time for tittering. 0 points

Devastation Factor: Since he's not actively telling anyone to fuck off that instant, everyone can maintain a temporary sense of dignity. 0 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan may claim they're all "pals," but this was most certainly a test. 3 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off? No, not only did the family decide to fight for the company and not fuck off out of the casino, but no one left the dining room table until Logan did. 0 points

Total points: 3

20. Season 2, Episode 1, "The Summer Palace" at 14:57

Why The Fuck?: After the briefest of time in rehab and his relatively decent TV appearance, Kendall comes into Logan's "bunker" where he's strategizing on how to maintain control of the company.

Delivery Method: "OK, Karl, I need to debrief the double agent. The ground pounders can fuck off."

Recipient: The "ground pounders" and "grunts" of Waystar Royco — Kendall and CFO Karl are exempt. 0 points

Hilarity Factor: This "fuck off" is all business as Logan is more focused on directing his barbs to his deceitful son. 0 points

Devastation Factor: I'm not saying one of the employees didn't go back to their office and cry a little, but this was tame by Logan Roy standards. 1 point

Manipulation Factor: There's nothing personal here... how could it be when he barely treats the grunts as human beings? He's simply showing who's boss. Though notably, he's wielding this power in front of the son who just betrayed him. 2 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: They did! They may have wanted to get out of there anyway, but it was so effective even Karl was trying to leave. 1 point

Total Points: 4

19. Season 2, Episode 9, "DC" at 58:16

Why The Fuck?: Rhea tells Logan she doesn't want to be a part of the company anymore after Shiv strong-arms the Brightstar Cruises sexual misconduct witness Kira.

Delivery Method: "Oh, come on. Fuck off!"

Recipient: Rhea Jarrell. 3 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan himself laughs incredulously, but Rhea is dead serious. Still, Cox gets points for introducing a new "fuck off" style. 2 points

Devastation Factor: She's not happy to be talked to that way, but it just further proves why she can't work for him. 1 point

Manipulation Factor: He loses the power struggle this round with him pleading for her to stay shortly after. 0 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: She walks away, but it's on his terms and not in response to his fuck off. A Logan low point. -1 point

Total Points: 5

18. Season 2, Episode 6, "Argestes" at 55:59

Why The Fuck?: Stewy heckles Logan as he heads out of the Argestes roast to follow Nan Pierce.

Delivery Method: "Fuck off."

Recipient: Stewy Hosseini. 1 point

Hilarity Factor: The sheer quickness of Logan's response elicits a chuckle. And Stewy was probably awarded the title "Most Likely To Deserve a Fuck Off" in high school: 4 points

Devastation Factor: Stewy baited him, so it may have been more hurtful if Logan had just ignored him. 0 points

Manipulation Factor: This response to his "son's college drinking buddy" may be second nature. But showing his disdain for Stewy in such a cool, calm, and collected manner while stressing about the Pierce deal is a masterstroke. 1 point

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: The audience doesn't see it, but you just know Stewy didn't leave his place at the bar. 0 points

Total Points: 6

17. Season 2, Episode 9, "DC" at 38:17

Why The Fuck?: Ahead of Logan's testimony at the cruise scandal Senate hearing, a Waystar executive does one last prep question: "Did you, Logan Roy, witness any assaults on your ships or take part of them?" Logan rejects the question and when Hugo notes that his response should be a simple no, he tells both of them where to go.

Delivery Method: "I'm not dignifying that fucking question with an answer. You can both fuck off."

Recipient: Hugo Baker and unnamed Waystar executive. 1 point

Hilarity Factor: An outrageous response to what was a very straightforward question. 2 points

Devastation Factor: Both Hugo and the exec take it in stride, but their jokes about Snickers bars up Logan's ass may be an indication that he got to them more than they are letting on. 1 point

Manipulation Factor: The Logan doth protest too much, methinks. But he's showing he'll bulldoze anyone who suggests he knew anything about his pal "Mo" Lester's behavior. 3 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Logan doesn't give them the opportunity since he walks away first. Cleanup duty calls. 0 points

Total Points: 7

16. Season 1, Episode 6, "Which Side Are You On?" at 49:01

Why The Fuck?: After Kendall makes a last-ditch effort and visits her on Long Island, board member Ilona calls into the shareholder meeting and casts a vote of no confidence in Logan Roy.

Delivery Method: "Thanks for nothin', Ilona. Fuck off."

Recipient: Board member Ilona Shinoy. 1 point

Hilarity Factor: The meeting is tense, but Logan hanging up on her helps break some of the tension... for the audience at least. 3 points

Devastation Factor: Ilona had to know this was coming and distance makes the "fuck off" sting a little less. 2 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan shouldn't have even been in the room let alone commenting on people's votes. 3 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Sure did... even though Ilona had no say in the matter since Logan hung up on her. 0 points

Total Points: 9

15. Season 2, Episode 1, "The Summer Palace" at 54:44

Why The Fuck?: When they head to Logan's Hamptons house, there's a terrible smell. They discover a dead raccoon in the chimney is to blame. Logan demands to see the contractor who oversaw the home's renovation and accuses him of intentionally leaving a bag of raccoons in his home.

Delivery Method: "'No, sir, no, sir, three bags full, sir.' F*ck off! Look at me."

Recipient: The contractor of the "summer palace." 0 points

Hilarity Factor: As mean as it is, his mockery of the contractor referring to him as "sir" earns some laughs. And Logan causes some word whiplash with the "fuck off!" followed by the contradictory demand of "look at me." 5 points

Devastation Factor: The "fuck off" is far less rotten than the fact that the billionaire uses the dead raccoon to not pay the contractor $200,000. 2 points

Manipulation Factor: Did the contractor actually leave raccoons to rot in the chimney? Or is Logan just using this as a way to save some money? Considering there was plastic with the carcass, the contractor really may have wanted to knock Logan down a peg. And at the end of the day, Logan truly seems to believe that something the contractor did caused his house to smell. In his mind, he's getting revenge, which somehow makes Logan a little less maniacal. 3 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: He may not have immediately fucked off (remember, Logan made him look at him!), but he sure got fucked over. 3 points

Total Points: 10

14. Season 1, Episode 5, "I Went to Market" at 4:49

Why The Fuck?: In a meeting about buying local TV, Logan suggests his company should control all the news. Kendall replies, "You just love telling people what to do. Don't you?"

Delivery Method: "Fuck off."

Recipient: Kendall after Logan takes back his chair responsibilities early. 6 points

Hilarity Factor: The tone is casual, but not for laughs. 0 points

Devastation Factor: Kendall doesn't appear hurt, but Logan's retort shows how quickly this father can put his son in his place. And it's an indication that Logan telling Ken to fuck off at the RECNY Ball was no fluke. 2 points

Manipulation Factor: Now that Logan is regaining his health (ish) and back in the game, the power struggle between father and heir apparent is just getting started. And isn't he defending total media control?! 5 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: A self-righteous and more self-assured Kendall stays put. 0 points

Total Points: 13

13. Season 2, Episode 6, "Argestes" at 45:38

Why The Fuck?: At the last minute, Shiv decides to be part of the Waystar panel at the Argestes conference due to the cruise scandal. Logan asks Hugo what he thinks, to which he cautiously non-answers with an, "It's difficult."

Delivery Method: "Oh, I'm sorry buddy. Would you like a hand job and an Advil? Fuck off then."

Recipient: Senior Vice President Comms for Parks and Cruises Hugo Baker. 1 point

Hilarity Factor: Logan really milks the "fuck" here and apparently nothing soothes the Waystar CEO like some hand stuff and an over-the-counter pain killer. 10 points

Devastation Factor: This is less soul-crushing and more under the "very effective" category since Hugo immediately reverses course and takes a stand. 1 point

Manipulation Factor: Logan wanted an answer and got an answer. 2 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Hugo, being the "nasty bastard" he is, pivots rather than fucks off. 0 points

Total Points: 14

12. Season 1, Episode 10, "Nobody Is Ever Missing" at 8:53

Why The Fuck?: At Shiv's wedding, Kendall comes to Logan with a proposal to buy Waystar. Before delivering the bad news, Kendall's presence is immediately met with a fuck off.

Delivery Method: "Tell him if he wants to stop me buying papers and stations, he can fuck off."

Recipient: Kendall, delivered to Marcia while Ken is obviously in earshot. 4 points

Hilarity Factor: Let's not pretend that watching Logan Roy troll his kids isn't one of the major draws of Succession. 5 points

Devastation Factor: It's a bit brutal since he knows Kendall can hear him. But Kendall is more distracted by his next task for it to land. 2 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan knows his company's in trouble and so this is a calculated play to show Ken who is still in charge, as his "Come on through, son," and state of undress indicate. 3 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: No, but that isn't really the point since he then proceeds to beckon Kendall to do a business meeting in his bathroom. 2 points

Total Points: 16

11. Season 2, Episode 1, "The Summer Palace" at 18:00

Why The Fuck?: Logan makes Kendall tell him all the dirt that he gave to Stewy and Sandy's PR team as ammo in the takeover plot. Ken is gearing up to say he's sorry, but Logan cuts him off before he can say the words.

Delivery Method: "Fine. Well, fuck off."

Recipient: A just-pulled-from-rehab Kendall Roy. 8 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan's tone is casual, but it's certainly not funny. 0 points

Devastation: Ken is in his lapdog stage, so he can't show how much it hurts (even if he's truly bad at hiding it). 3 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan's acting as if it's business as usual, but there's far more underneath the surface here. 5 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Yep. Kendall wouldn't dare disobey his daddy now. 1 point

Total Points: 17

10. Season 1, Episode 10, "Nobody Is Ever Missing" at 10:53

Why The Fuck?: Kendall attempts to deliver the bear hug letter offer to his dad at Shiv's wedding.

Delivery Method: "No. Fuck off."

Recipient: Kendall. 5 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan is very pissed for this one, so he doesn't mean to be funny. Still, it's humorous to watch him clog that British toilet with the letter. Thankfully, for the pipes' sake, he retrieves it once Ken leaves. 2 points

Devastation Factor: Kendall is already a broken man since his original coup failed and he unwittingly sold a huge part of the company to Sandy Furness. He's still trying to gain power, but he's more puppet than puppet master, so his heart isn't in it and he lacks the strength to stand up to his father. 6 points

Manipulation Factor: Kendall does actually have the upper hand here. So this response wasn't calculated and is perhaps the purest "fuck off" of the bunch. 2 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: His dad's words certainly shook him and Kendall eventually takes his leave. 3 points

Total Points: 18

9. Season 2, Episode 4, "Safe Room" at 11:37

Why The Fuck?: A resurrected Kendall and Frank confirm Rhea will meet with Logan about a potential Pierce buyout. When discussing the good news, Frank compares the Pierce CEO to the Roman leader featured in a Shakespeare play, Coriolanus.

Delivery Method: "You know, why don't you take your library card and fuck off?"

Recipient: Frank. 2 points

Hilarity Factor: Hey, this is intentionally a good-natured joke! A true Succession rarity! 6 points

Devastation Factor: Logan's good humor is contagious. Frank shares a smile with Ken, knowing this "fuck off" means they are back in Logan's good graces. 0 points

Manipulation Factor: Before feeling too warm and fuzzy about the whole thing, time to remember that this teasing comment is still very much a power move. He's making fun of Frank for being book smart (usually, a good trait for a COO to have) and their smiley reaction reinforces that Frank and Logan are still slaves to the many moods of Logan Roy. 12 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Nah, he was just joshing around, right? Right?! 0 points

Total Points: 20

8. Season 1, Episode 10, "Nobody Is Ever Missing" at 20:01

Why The Fuck?: A young waiter approaches Logan with the offer of topping off his champagne while he's having a heated chat with Kendall and Stewy about the takeover at Shiv's wedding. Not noticing Logan's negative response, the waiter spills champagne on him.

Delivery Method: "Go on, fuck off. Get out of here. Fuck off!"

Recipient: Andrew Dodds, the waiter at Shiv's wedding. 0 points

Hilarity Factor: There are zero funny things about Logan's double "fuck off" bullying outburst. 0 points

Devastation Factor: Andrew is publicly shamed, but it's even more heartbreaking knowing his fate. Add on that Logan calls Andrew an "NRPI," a "No Real Person Involved," in the Season 2 finale and it's completely tragic. 15 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan holds all the power and Andrew loses the serving gig (though the waiter later admits to Kendall that he appreciated the payoff). But the real reason behind Logan's lash out had little to do with the spilled champagne; it's all about Stewy and Kendall's bear hug. A classic case of punching down to compensate. 3 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Andrew walks away into an early grave. 5 points

Total Points: 23

7. Season 1, Episode 5, "I Went to Market" at 5:48

Why The Fuck?: His sons disappoint him in the meeting about buying local TV.

Delivery Method: "Meeting over. Fuck off."

Recipient: Kendall, Roman, Gerri, and Karl. 8 points

Hilarity Factor: Anyone who has ever sat in a bullshit business meeting wishes they could say something like this. 7 points

Devastation Factor: As the brothers' rant session later in the episode implies, it's worse than it seems since Logan told Roman he's a moron and implied that Ken should be demoted. Plus, it was the second "fuck off" Ken had to take from his father in that meeting. 3 points

Manipulation Factor: Beyond crushing his sons, Logan is also proposing dominating all of TV news. 5 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Ken, Gerri, and Karl all leave while Roman stays put. Three out of four ain't bad. 2 points

Total Points: 25

6. Season 1, Episode 7, "Austerlitz" at 26:35

Why The Fuck?: Logan agrees to do family therapy at Connor's New Mexico estate to help with the company's image. He demonstrates just how uninvested he is after the therapist asks, "Logan, have you thought about the possibility that your children are actually scared of you?"

Delivery Method: "Aw, fuck off. After what they've done to me? Fuck off!"

Recipient: Therapist Dr. Alon Parfit with Roman, Shiv, and Connor in the splash zone. (Seems Ken made the right choice skipping family therapy.) 7 points

Hilarity Factor: This time, a two-for-one special means extra laughs. And even though the audience knows that he's just continuing to damage his children with his feigned disbelief, Cox's over-the-top delivery is perfection. 8 points

Devastation Factor: The therapist isn't all that bothered. But it's not really about the "fuck off" to the good doctor and instead, the sting comes courtesy Logan utterly dismissing his children's feelings. 3 points

Manipulation Factor: Think it's any coincidence that Logan has such a scary (and borderline psychopathic) outburst over a question about his children fearing him? What a bully. 10 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: The doctor sticks around, but Shiv eventually leaves the therapy session and agrees to work with Gil in response to her father's behavior. Perhaps that wasn't exactly Logan's intended outcome. -2 points

Total Points: 26

5. Season 1, Episode 6, "Which Side Are You On?" at 52:59

Why The Fuck?: Logan has fired Frank (and Kendall, Ilona, and Asha) for their failed chairman coup.

Delivery Method: "Take it like a fucking man. You're out. You're fucked. You tried to kill me, but you failed. And you're dead. Now fuck off!"

Recipient: Frank with Kendall and the rest of the board in the splash zone. 15 points

Hilarity Factor: No humor here, this is pure vitriol. 0 points

Devastation Factor: The audience doesn't even need to imagine how broken Kendall would look since his completely destroyed face is shown on the screen. But as this is technically Frank's fuck off, it doesn't pack quite the same wallop. 5 points

Manipulation Factor: Frank tries to reason with the tantrum-throwing tyrant Logan and loses big time. 8 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Frank's out of his chair and nearly out the door before Logan even gets the "fuck off" out. 1 point (2 points for his rant, -1 point for Frank not staying around to hear it all)

Total Points: 29

4. Season 1, Episode 4, "Sad Sack Wasp Trap" at 54:08

Why The Fuck?: Based on a tip from Connor, Logan believes that Kendall is going to announce his retirement at the RECNY Ball. So Logan unexpectedly takes the stage and announces his return as CEO. Kendall tells his dad it was all a misunderstanding, earnestly asking him, "Why didn't you just talk to me?"

Delivery Method: "Fuck off."

Recipient: Kendall. 5 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan is still recovering from his stroke and he's like a wounded animal lashing out. 0 points.

Devastation Factor: Although Kendall may not be the most sympathetic character at this point, he was attempting to have an open conversation with his dad before being brutally shut down. While early Season 1 Kendall handles it at face value far better than early Season 2 Kendall could, it's an indication of the pain that's going to rise to the surface later. 10 points

Manipulation Factor: Logan's unbridled rage at the idea that Kendall is pushing him out means this is a completely unfiltered and less strategic "fuck off" than others. But announcing that he's back as CEO (despite his tenuous health) still stripped Kendall of his power. It's also his first "fuck off" since the stroke, so he's returning to form. 12 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Ken shows that even as his dad insults him, he'll be there to catch him when he falls (literally). But Logan had effectively killed the conversation and Kendall sulks away when his father no longer needs him. 4 points

Total Points: 31

3. Season 1, Episode 8, "Prague" at 4:59

Why The Fuck?: After choosing to stick by his dad's side during the vote of no confidence, Roman has to go through with the local TV deal. Logan, worried he's getting screwed, demands that a reluctant Roman lower their offer price.

Delivery Method: "You, fuck off. If you can't do it, fuck off!"

Recipient: Roman in front of Stewy and Gerri. 8 points

Hilarity Factor: Roman's not laughing, but this double "fuck off" is impressive. 4 points

Devastation Factor: Roman doesn't show his hurt the same way Kendall does, but he's not doing great considering he uses Greg as a literal punching bag immediately after. 10 points

Manipulation Factor: It's a master class since Roman wanted nothing to do with this local TV deal in the first place and now he finds himself defending it. Logan also plays Roman against his other pawn — the far more ruthless Gerri. 10 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Very much so, yes. 5 points

Total Points: 37

2. Season 2, Episode 7, "Return" at 56:27

Why The Fuck?: Logan confronts Shiv about putting her name in to become Pierce's next CEO after he won't name her as his successor.

Delivery Method: "Family, Siobhan! If you don't understand that, then fuck off."

Recipient: Shiv. 5 points

Hilarity Factor: Logan is very solemn about his only daughter's betrayal, so there's no laughter here. 0 points

Devastation Factor: Logan usually treats Shiv a bit more tenderly (tender by Logan's standards) than her brothers. She wilts in the wake of her dad's disappointment as her dreams of being the next CEO are (temporarily) dashed. 12 points

Manipulation Factor: Shiv doesn't know it, but Rhea set her up at the request of her dad. So that disappointment Logan shows? Perhaps some of it was real, but most of it was an act. In actuality, he's relieved that he now has a reason to dismiss Shiv's CEO claims. Family, indeed. 20 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Rather than make Shiv leave, Logan himself exits the room. That brutal behavior is why he's the CEO, folks. 10 points

Total Points: 47

1. Season 2, Episode 2, "Vaulter" at 56:18

Why The Fuck?: Roman is clearly pissed to see Kendall back in the fold after the bear hug. When he looks shocked to hear that Kendall will now be sitting in their dad's office, Logan dismisses him.

Delivery Method: "What are you waiting for? A kiss? Fuck off. Be gone. Bye bye."

Recipient: Roman. 5 points

Hilarity Factor: Does it get more meta than this? Never has Logan been so explicit that his child will not get a kiss from daddy. 15 points

Devastation Factor: Roman takes his smackdown silently, but immediately directs his rage at some poor random Waystar Royco employee like the mature adult he is. 10 points

Manipulation Factor: Roman can't process what has happened to make his dad accept Kendall again. And Logan is rarely so evil as when he pits sibling against sibling. 18 points

Did They Indeed Fuck Off?: Roman is a good little boy and listens to his daddy. 1 point

Total Points: 49

Although Kendall has received the most "fuck offs" from his father, his sister and baby brother inch him out in the end. Here's to Logan Roy saying, "Fuck off" — and continuing to crush his children — many more times to come when Succession Season 3 airs. Cheers!... err, rather, Fuck off!


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