How Much Would Kendall's 40th Birthday Celebration Cost On 'Succession'?

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How Much Would Kendall's 40th Birthday Celebration Cost On 'Succession'?

"It just feels like an asshole's birthday party," Kendall Roy lamented about halfway through his 40th birthday celebration. But not every asshole has as much money as the son of Logan Roy. And so, Kendall's birthday party on Succession had to cost an absurd amount of money... which made it just feel like a rich asshole's birthday party.

Like Sister Bear in the Berenstain Bears, Kendall had "Too Much Birthday" during his 40th bash. After multiple setbacks with his family, he didn't get to enjoy the festivities in all their glory and ended up canceling many of the plans that he (or really, his daddy) had paid good money for. But Kendall will clean up in the birthday gift department as his pile of presents included a motorcycle, a Gibson Flying V guitar with an antique natural finish ($1,899), and a Bergdorf Goodman gift bag. But, as displayed by the way he reacted to Naomi's watch, expensive gifts don't mean much to him. Because the only present Kendall wanted was the homemade one from his kids. Say it with me now, awww. (Though seriously, I did actually feel quite bad for Ken this episode.)

Money may not matter to Kendall, but it sure does matter to many of the peasants who watch Succession. Below, I've done my best at coming up with a total bill for Kendall's birthday party.

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