Ranking The Most Outrageous Things The Silent Service Workers Have Seen On 'Succession'

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Ranking The Most Outrageous Things The Silent Service Workers Have Seen On 'Succession'

Waitstaff, door attendants, doctors, and the American president — no one is safe from the Roys on Succession. Patriarch Logan Roy may have come from humble beginnings, but he and his family treat anyone who isn't Them as Less Than. It's not easy being a service worker for the Roy family on Succession. And when you're a fly on the wall of the Roy family mansions and luxury apartments, you see a lot of shit go down.

Sometimes, the Roys directly target people in the service industry, using them as their playthings. Other times, they are simply witnesses to the Roy family's terrible behavior. And when things get really extreme, they can lose million-dollar softball games... or even their lives. Because, apparently, when you have as much money as the Roys, you tend not to value human life all that much.

If I had my druthers, the silent staff that serves the Roys would earn the type of money that the executives of Waystar Royco earn. After all, the only bed Kendall has ever stripped was the one at the Pierce family's estate at Tern Haven — and he sure as hell didn't wash those shat-on sheets. But instead, "the help" (I am certain one of the Roys has referred to their domestic workers as such) is paid in the currency of seeing the most WTF things and NDAs. Below, a ranking of the most outrageous things they've had to experience while serving the Roys.

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