Will Shiv Switch Sides On 'Succession' & Join Team Kendall?

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Will Shiv Switch Sides On 'Succession' & Join Team Kendall?

I believe in Shiv supremacy, and that means I must believe that she'll do the right thing and leave her dad in the dust. At the end of Succession Season 3's second episode, "Mass in Time of War," Roman vouched for her, and Logan finally offered her an actual job in the company. But, alliances can only last for so long on Succession, and I've got a theory that Shiv is going to switch sides and join Team Kendall before the season is over.

Shiv has been showing signs of wavering starting in the premiere, when she appeared to be the only person on her dad's team that was actually appalled by the allegations against him and Waystar Royco. And that's something Kendall, too, seemed to sense in Episode 2. He wanted to appeal to Shiv's goodness, to her disapproval of her father's actions, but he made a few fatal flaws. First, he didn't show her the papers and refused to even explicitly elaborate on the allegations against Logan, which allowed her to give her dad the benefit of the doubt. And, second, he invited Roman.

Of all the siblings, Roman and Shiv are the most calculating and clever, which means they're also each other's biggest threats. So, as soon as Roman declared himself to be Team Logan, it was obvious that Shiv wasn't going to align herself with Kendall. At least, not in front of Roman, a self-declared "spy" for their dad.

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