Alexander Skarsgård Joins 'Succession' Season 3 & The Tall Boys' Club

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Alexander Skarsgård Joins 'Succession' Season 3 & The Tall Boys' Club

After Season 2 of Succession ended with a blood sacrifice, is it any wonder the HBO drama would be adding vampires in Season 3? OK, not real vampires, but kinda? Beloved True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgård is joining Succession Season 3, and he's coming for blood.

Skarsgård is reportedly playing Lukas Matsson, a "successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO," per Variety. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the role, but given the casting, you can bet it's going to be very juicy and very sexy. One doesn't simply cast Alexander Skarsgård for any old role, and fans on Twitter are already hoping to see him hook up with practically every other member of the Succession cast. (Shiv and Roman seem to be the most popular ships so far, and I say, yes please to both!) Potential romantic entanglements aside, the arrival of a new CEO in town is likely to shake things up for the Roy family and Waystar Royco.

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Season 2 of Succession ended with Kendall throwing his dad under the bus and essentially declaring war over the family company. How might Lukas Matsson fit into this fight? Well, there are three options:

  • He's an enemy: As a CEO, he could easily be running a rival media company, but I think that would be too easy. Plus, the fact that the reports specifically identified him as a "tech founder" seem to suggest he's more narrowly focused than Waystar Royco. And if he's not a Waystar Royco rival, there's really only one thing he can be: a man with a company to sell.
  • He's an ally: My guess is that Lukas will be the CEO of a fancy new tech company on the rise that Kendall, Logan, or whoever is in charge of Waystar Royco at this point, will want to buy out as a show of leadership. Nothing says power quite like absorbing a successful tech business, right?
  • He's both: Because this is Succession and no one is ever good or bad, right?

The timing of this casting announcement suggests that Skarsgård won't appear until the second half of Season 3, as Succession has reportedly been in production since late February. So, it's unlikely that he'll play into the immediate fall out of Kendall's decision in Season 2. It's also unclear how many episodes he's set to appear in, which means his arc could be pretty short. Assuming Kendall successfully manages to overthrow Logan, he'll have to prove himself to the board as a worthy CEO, which is where Lukas' company would come in.

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