Logan's Meat Salad On 'Succession' — Symbolic Or Simply Disgusting?

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Logan's Meat Salad On 'Succession' — Symbolic Or Simply Disgusting?

In the second episode of Succession Season 3, there's no need for Logan to oink for his sausages, because the fallen Waystar Royco CEO has a plate full of cubed meats. Logan's salad on Succession is not what one traditionally thinks of when they think of a salad. This is not a salad that features the king of edible leaves, His Majesty, the spinach. There's no carrots, no tomato... nary a cucumber in sight! Instead, it's a smattering of lettuce, some olives, and an excessive amount of cheese and processed meat hunks. Doesn't Logan Roy deserve better? Or is this meat salad exactly what he's earned?

While holed up in an airport hotel in the capital city of Sarajevo, Logan is about as distraught as viewers have ever seen him. He can't reach any of his children, his wife is estranged, and he's eating a damn salad comprised of mostly meat. I never feel sorry for Logan Roy, but this sad excuse for a salad is rather pathetic. I'm a vegetarian, so what do I know? But I would say the ratio of vegetables to protein is all sorts of wrong in Logan's dish.

I don't mean to insult the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina if this is what constitutes an American chef salad in the Balkans. (Plus, chef salads are kind of inherently disgusting anyway, no?) Or perhaps it's simply the Hotel Clio's lackluster interpretation of an antipasto salad. After all, with the view of the Sarajevo Airport's runways, the hotel isn't probably luring in the star chefs of the nation. Unlike Logan's chicken on the luxury yacht, Tom won't be stealing this meal.

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