Does Logan Roy Hate His Kids So Much He'd Produce Another Heir?

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Does Logan Roy Hate His Kids So Much He'd Produce Another Heir?

Man, Logan Roy really hates his kids. His resentment toward them is usually thinly veiled, but in the Succession Season 3 finale, he let it all out on those undeserving bastards. And it made me think that their concern that Logan is trying to have another kid on Succession wasn't just a panicked response based out of fear and could be a real thing.

There's very little evidence to point to this theory, but the show put the question out there with Connor approaching Shiv and Roman about their father's "baby batter." (Like Shiv, I feel ill.) Connor said Willa got the scoop on what Kerry was putting into their dad's smoothies — maca root, almonds, and walnuts. Con, the Roy child most likely to try alternative medicine, believes Logan is doing this to have another child.

Georgetown University Medical Center professor Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD, told WebMD that many claims about the benefits of maca root are exaggerated, but that the "strongest evidence is that it may increase sperm count and improve fertility in certain men," like found in this study for the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. There's also evidence from the journal Biology of Reproduction that walnuts could improve sperm vitality, motility, and morphology. So, Con's not wrong to be suspicious. But how in the hell would it be possible for Logan to make a baby that Roman can then kill?

Logan Roy is rather old to be having children. But at around 82 years old, he wouldn't be the oldest father to ever have existed. (That'd be this guy and this guy.) Hiam Abbass, who plays Marcia, is 61 years old. And again, though an anomaly, it's not unheard of that women in their 50s or over 60 can give birth. But I suspect that carrying a child for Logan to have a fifth chance at having a kid he doesn't hate wasn't part of Marcia's marriage renegotiations.

The later episodes of Season 3 have driven home the point that Logan is fucking his 30-something assistant Kerry. But in true Succession form, the audience doesn't know for sure if he is. But if he is, is there some fucked up master plan for Logan to impregnate Kerry to have another shot at producing a worthy heir? She is the one handing him the smoothies while Marcia's right there.

Marcia was most offended by Logan's possible affair with Rhea Jarrell because she was "humiliated," so would Marcia accept Logan impregnating someone else? It seems like a long shot, but she also really hates Logan's kids. She could be in on the plan since she was rather friendly to Kerry when ordering her omelet to her room. But headlines about Logan impregnating his assistant would certainly fall into the "humiliating" category, even if Marcia was in on it. Instead, they could be doing traditional surrogacy where Logan's sperm will fertilize a surrogate's egg, who would carry the fetus to term. If Marcia secured more money or power for her own son Amir, maybe she'd allow Logan to entertain this idea.

Pregnancy was in the air the last two episodes of Season 3 and there are fan theories that Shiv is already pregnant, which would make Tom's betrayal sting all the more. But I think Shiv doesn't want Tom's babies so badly that she's probably been über vigilant to not let that happen. So, somehow, Logan is more likely to be the new parent than his daughter.

I know I sound as nutty as "I am the eldest son" Connor. But Succession put it out there, so it's worth the discussion. And Logan didn't hesitate in selling Kendall, Roman, and Shiv's (and I guess Connor's too) seeming birthright to Lukas Matsson. So after Tom, who's gonna get Daddy's kiss next? Well, if Succession really wants to torture those morons, those nosy fucking pedestrians, maybe a new Roy baby. But don't get too jealous, Connor, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman — Daddy probably won't love them either.

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