All Of Logan Roy's Near-Death Experiences Because The 'Succession' CEO Refuses To Die

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All Of Logan Roy's Near-Death Experiences Because The 'Succession' CEO Refuses To Die

Spoilers for Succession ahead.

Roman may believe that Kendall was trying to kill their father in "Lion in the Meadow," but Logan Roy doesn't need any help when it comes to the nearly-dying department. Logan almost died on Succession in the very first episode and his health is still a problem as his recent stroll with Kendall and shareholder Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody) proved. How many more near-death experiences can the Waystar Royco founder have before he finally meets his maker? And how many are tied to the fitness of his business?

The topic of Logan's death permeates the entire series. In the Season 3 trailer, Alexander Skarsgård's new character Lukas Matsson asks Roman when his father will die, which Roman very nicely replies, "Obviously, hugely looking forward to my father dying."

But despite all the times it seemed Logan was almost going to die, physically or through his business, he is un-killable. Sure, Brian Cox told The Guardian that his character could be killed off the show (as was originally intended at the end of Season 1), "But I think they'd miss me." And to his point, both J. Smith-Cameron and Alan Ruck told that they don't want a Succession with no Logan. For what is a battle for succession after the patriarch dies?

Though Logan probably had many brushes with death before Succession started on his 80th birthday, here are his close calls from the show so far.

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