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Another Stranger Things / West Memphis 3 connection?

So, the Duffer brothers have made it pretty clear that Eddie Munson, and the Satanic Panic storyline of season 4, is heavily inspired by the West Memphis 3 case, when Damien Echols and two other teens were convicted of killing three boys, mostly because Damien was a goth kid who liked Stephen King.

I was recently listening to a podcast about the case, and something else I thought was interesting was the name of one of the victims: Christopher Byers, the same last name as, of course, Will. Now, I haven't seen anything connecting Christopher and Will, at least in interviews with the Duffer brothers — only a Reddit thread that seemed to come up with the same connection way back in 2016 (as well as similar circumstances involving the West Memphis 3 victim disappearances and Will's):

I'm not sure if there's anything to gauge from this, beyond perhaps Will potentially being in continued trouble, but I just found it to be an interesting little tidbit.

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Max levitating in the Stranger Things 4 trailer

We've got the Stranger Things 4 trailer and I'm very stressed for Max!

Is she going to be possessed by The Mind Flayer, like Billy was in ST 3? She's levitating by Billy's grave and she approaches that creepy grandfather clock that looks like it's busting from the Upside Down into Hawkins.

It also might not be the Mind Flayer since that would be too much of a repeat from last season. So it could be that really scary creature that's shown at the end (Reddit's saying it's Vecna from D&D and ep 2 is called "Vecna's Curse" ) that's taking over Max.

And while I was on Team Billy Is Dead, with such a focus on him in the trailer, I'm now coming over to the opinion that Dacre Montgomery could come back. Especially with that line, "Dear Billy, I don't know if you can even hear this." Perhaps the Vecna thing will lure Max in by pretending to be Billy in ep 4 "Dear Billy"?!

As if we didn't know this already, Eleven really needs to 1. get her powers back and 2. come back to Hawkins to save Max!

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