Where does Jason's story lead?

With all the talk of Eddie, who is going to die at the end of the season, and Steve's chest hair, there's seemingly no room to talk about one character whose arc seems pretty unclear at this point: Jason, Chrissy's ex.

We got a somewhat sympathetic view of him at the outset — him finding out about Chrissy's death definitely showed his humanity — but he's definitely seemingly being set up as a religious zealot that misdirects the town into mob murdering Eddie for a crime he did not commit. But, I also see shades of Steve in his storyline. Though it's hard to believe, in Season 1, we all initially rooted for the death of Steve, who seemed to be just a douche-y impediment to Jonathan and Nancy. Also, like Jason, he was in the dark for much of the season, and only discovered the Upside Down at the nth hour when he had to come in and help Nancy and Jonathan.

It makes me wonder whether we're headed in the same direction with Jason. Will he actually fight for the main group — and even become a surprising member of the Hellfire Club — after realizing what really is going on? After all, the crew could use a little more athleticism to help round them out.

Oooooor, they will just kill him off like every other new character. But what do you think?