vibe ~1134~

One of my all-time favorites.

So long as they aren't showing the customer's face, you know?

lol classic Burgers

Celebrities lip synching and/or singing in cars. Why this has been a phenomenon is beyond any and all comprehension to me.

Oof, that ending is haunting and SO much better.

Dasani is the devil's water.

Hate to play devil's advocate, but they are worth every penny. However, concert ticket fees will be the death of me. If I added them all up I probably could have paid off college by now.

lol news to me, too

Once Letterman and Conan were off late night TV, that was pretty much it for me. Unless there's a musical guest I really want to check out, it's a pretty rare occurrence for me now.

The Descent is mine, too. It's just like every conceivably scary thing (the dark! confined spaces! demon creatures!) rolled into one movie.