vibe ~127~

I love reality TV and Food... It's that simple.

I am a text/ email kind of person.. Unless it's my significant other, we Facetime out of habit.

When me and my mom started comparing light bills... That's when I knew LOL

Mine is Tostitos, specifically the party size scoops... I will literally scoop any dip or I'll just pour ground beef on top.

How are you liking The Dropout so far?

I can see that, that's how I feel about the BBQ twist Fritos.. I don't really like them but it brings me back to when times were more simple.

Hungry Man is a 5 star meal compared to Kid Cuisine lol!!

So far I’ve had really good experiences, I usually check out the ratings and reviews, hopefully I never have to experience the bad side of it :(

OMG that is insane!!

LOL same. I’m real bad at that