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Lowkey plot points we need in Season 4

I have been looking forward to MMM's return for two years! My sister is coming over Friday night and we're going to watch the first to episodes. Anyway, the show always runs excellent B plots (Amy SP is a genius in this regard, the B plots in Gilmore Girls were some of my faves)... so here's what I want to see in Season 4, besides the obvious:

- Abe becomes a theater critic, and honestly, I cannot wait to see him in this role. The show starts in June 1960 and this is going to be primetime for Abe to be reckoning modern theater with his old ways. His Paris arc was FANTASTIC; I cannot wait to see what he does with his new (low paying) job

- Rose's trust. I feel like she still doesn't have control over it, right? Am I remembering that correctly? Would love to see her gain control over it, and watch how she navigates this "modern" world with her own money

- Speaking of money, we know Midge is going to be strugglin' after being kicked off Shy's tour, and we know she just bought an apartment ... I'd be interested to see the three of them (Midge, Rose, and Abe) attempt to BUDGET. Ha!

- This is a more obvious plot point, but Midge has been good at everything her whole life: she's gorgeous, talented, rich, can kick ass at Catskill's games, always knows what to say, hilarious, has impeccable taste in clothing.... but now, she's at her lowest point. I'm excited to see her at this rock-bottom and see how she pulls out of it. From the trailer, she's no-holds-barred, guns blazing, "let's get back out there!" but it can't be that simple or clear cut. She's gonna have to reconcile her accidental implication that Shy's gay ... I hope we get to see this. I know it's 1960s and it's possible the creators don't think Midge WOULD take a beat to think about her actions, but I hope they work it in somehow, even if it's a negative, defensive response! Just want to see Midge address it.

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