Every Time 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 4 Referenced 'Gilmore Girls'

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Every Time 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 4 Referenced 'Gilmore Girls'

From the many denizens of Stars Hollow who popped in for guest appearances to a dig at The Twilight Zone, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 channeled Gilmore Girls at every turn. Since both shows were created by Amy Sherman-Palladino it stands to reason there will always be a few similarities between Midge and Lorelai's journeys even if they do take place several decades apart. However this season the Gilmore Girls references were absolutely everywhere.

Not only did actors like Kelly Bishop and Milo Ventimiglia pop up for guest appearances, at times lines seemed to come directly from Gilmore Girls episodes (see Abe telling Rose he was going first). Moishe's heart attack, Midge's insistence she didn't stink up her performance in They Came, They Danced, Lenny's tough love approach to getting Midge back on track — all of these storylines were pulled straight from the Gilmore Girls playback.

Ultimately, if you've ever spent any time in Stars Hollow there's no way you made it out of Season 4 without experiencing some major déjà vu, as evidenced below.

1. Midge Has A Full On Rory Season 6 Life Crisis

I previously covered the many, many ways Midge's post-Shy Baldwin career regression was her equivalent of Rory dropping out of Yale, but it's worth repeating because these two storylines were just so similar. Midge declaring she won't take anymore opening act gigs smacks of Rory leaving college because Mitchum Huntzberger told her she couldn't hack it as a journalist. In both cases, the women's reactions are extreme and their subsequent choices are fear-based.

The one big difference? It only took Rory half of Season 6 to get her act together, whereas Midge didn't decide to "go forward" until the Season 4 finale.

2. Abe's Brutal Review Was Reminiscent Of Rory's "Die, Jerk" Ballet Takedown

Abe's entire Village Voice arc feels very similar to Paris and Rory's stint at the Yale Daily News. After all, what is Gabe if not a '60s version of Doyle? But things got really Twilight Zone-y (or Outer Limits-y) when Gabe encouraged Abe to write a brutal review of the Catskills-inspired play They Came, They Danced. Just like when Rory eviscerated that poor girl's ballet performance in Season 4's "Die, Jerk," Abe suddenly had a target on his back when the entire synagogue turned on him for ruining Buzz's career.

3. Susie Living With The Weismans Was Very Kirk Living With The Gilmores

Susie channeling her inner child while Rose babysat her in the season's third episode was eerily similar to that time Kirk moved into Lorelai's house and started building cereal box forts and throwing tantrums.

4. Rose & Abe Narrowly Avoided A Season 4 Era Richard & Emily Split

I was holding my breath when Rose and Asher casually discussed their past relationship in front of Abe. The scenario brought to mind the betrayal Emily felt when she discovered Richard had been meeting Pennilyn Lott for lunch once a year for decades. Thankfully, Abe and Rose were able to move on from their rift quickly, which meant fans didn't have to endure a heartbreaking split like they did on Gilmore Girls.

5. Christopher & Joel Have Similar Reactions To Discovering They're Going To Be Dads Again

Christopher and Joel are the same person, that's just a fact. So it wasn't surprising to see Joel grousing about Mei's pregnancy like a giant baby. Like Christopher, he wasn't happy about the prospect of becoming a dad again, and he didn't relish telling his ex anymore than Christopher wanted to tell Lorelai.

6. The Moishe Heart Attack Storyline Is Full Of "Forgiveness And Stuff" Callbacks

Minus the wonderful Lenny Bruce bits, "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?" is just a remixed version of "Forgiveness And Stuff." You've got Abe being terrified of hospitals (like Luke), Shirley tormenting the nurses (ala Emily), Abe demanding to go first (also like Emily), and a quiet moment between Abe and Moishe that echoed Richard and Lorelai's silent connection before Rory and Emily returned to his bedside.

7. Lenny Channels Jess When He Gets Midge Back On Track

Susie spends most of Season 4 trying to make Midge see how ridiculous her so-called manifesto is, but it takes Lenny swearing she'll break his heart if she throws away her shot at being a comic to bring her back to reality. Likewise, Lorelai's pleas for her daughter to return to college were ignored by Rory, but the minute Jess rolled into town and called her out on the train-wreck her life had become she turned things around. Normally, I would be annoyed that it took dudes to make these smart women wise up, but since the dudes in question are Lenny Bruce and Jess Mariano, I'll let it slide.

Did Sherman-Palladino forget she had used these plotlines before or is she just winking at Gilmore Girls fans? I honestly don't know, but as a diehard Gilmore Girls fan, I'm very much looking forward to Season 5 giving us the 1960s version of the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon.

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