8 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 5 Theories, Because It's Time For Midge's Final Bow

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8 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 5 Theories, Because It's Time For Midge's Final Bow

Midge Maisel is signing off for good next season, and the end of Season 4 opened up a number of possibilities about where our intrepid hero's story could end up. At this point only one thing is certain: the comedian is finally ready to move forward after getting a much-needed talking to from Lenny. That's good news for viewers, because Midge's inability to move on after her colossal Shy Baldwin screwup often left the series running in place this season. But with Midge preparing to take her final bow, I suspect The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 is going to get serious about both the comic's career and about the various relationships in her life.

At this stage, everything about Season 5 — including the number of episodes, who's returning, and when it will air — is unknown. But I still have plenty of Mrs. Maisel Season 5 theories after watching the terrific, yet melancholy Season 4 finale. Everyone around Midge embraced change this year, whether it was Susie expanding her client roster or Joel kind of, sort of, but not really committing to Mei (seriously, Joel, get your life together already). But Midge simply stewed in her anger and disappointment while playing it safe at The Wolford.

That's got to change if series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wants to give her groundbreaking '50s-era lady comic the breakthrough moment she's been waiting for since she stumbled into The Gaslight wearing her nightgown way back in Season 1. Unlike with Gilmore Girls, Sherman-Palladino doesn't have Mrs. Maisel's final four words nailed down, but in a 2019 interview with the TVLine, she did reveal she knows where she wants Midge's journey to end.

I could never hope to get into Sherman-Palladino's wonderfully weird mind, but here are a few things I think could happen to Midge, her family, and friends in the show's final season.

1.Season 5 Should Start With A Time Jump

Time tends to move rather slowly on Mrs. Maisel. Just two years have passed since the show began, taking Midge from 1958 to 1960. But given the stagnation of her career, and the various storylines that were set in motion in the Season 4 finale, a small time jump could give the final season a much-needed jolt of energy.

Picking up in the spring or summer of 1961 would place Midge at the dawn of a new era in New York City culture. Bob Dylan made his professional debut in April of that year, JFK was in office, and the Village, where Susie and Midge got their start, was beginning to evolve. The energy of a new year could reflect the comic's renewed excitement for her career as she finally stops placing arbitrary restrictions on herself about the kinds of gigs she's willing to take.

2. Susie & Midge Are Finally Going To Make It Big...

With Midge back in the comedy game, she and Susie finally have a chance to make it big. I don't think the decidedly blue Mrs. Maisel will be a household name ala Sophie Lennon by the time Season 5 ends, but I do think she'll be receiving the recognition she craves. Add in Susie's ever-growing roster of clients, and it stands to reason the manager will become a force in the entertainment industry, too.

If the ultimate goal of the show is for these two determined women to reinvent the boy's club that is comedy, then Season 5 has to hand them a few triumphs. That may not mean Midge will make it to Carnegie Hall before the curtain drops, but she should be well on her way, with Susie right beside her as always.

3. But Susie's Involvement With Her Mob Friends Will Come Back To Bite Them

There's no way Frank and Nicky's involvement in Susie's business isn't going to end badly. Despite their seemingly sweet natures, they're still in the mob, and they expect a return on their investment. By taking money from them, Susie has threatened the legitimacy of her business and potentially made her clients accessories to a crime.

Midge is already wary of the men, so expect a major blowup between her and Susie when the fallout finally hits. The biggest question mark is whether or not the women's relationship will be able to survive if the mobsters jeopardize Midge's career. It would be heartbreaking to see Susie and Midge go their separate ways, but their already strained relationship might be pushed to its breaking point by Frank and Nicky.

4. Lenny's Health Is Going To Go Downhill

Even Midge can't change history, and history dictates that Lenny Bruce's bright flame will burn out all too soon. Just moments after they finally resolved all of that simmering sexual tension, Midge discovered Lenny's drug stash in his hotel room, which makes it clear Sherman-Palladino doesn't plan to ignore Bruce's real life addiction. As Lenny's health deteriorates, he'll likely start watching Midge from afar rather than playing an active role in her life, making his Carnegie Hall performance the character's last big showpiece.

With any luck, he'll still get to see Midge make it big — and avoid breaking his heart in the process — before his troubles with drugs and the police ends up consuming him.

5. The Matchmaker Mafia Will Play A Larger Role In Rose's Story

Like her daughter, Rose has decided to fight for her career and independence, and that means going head-to-head with the Matchmaker Mafia. Fingers crossed this means Kelly Bishop will return as the group's ringleader, leading to major fireworks between her character and Rose's.

6. Joel & Mei Are Doomed

Ever since Mei and Joel found out they have a baby on the way, they've both been in complete panic mode. Mei is still pursuing possible residencies beyond New York, while Joel is determined to stay put. Add in Moishe's demand that Mei convert to Judaism, and it becomes clear this relationship is on the verge of flaming out — baby or no baby.

My primary concern is the end of their romance will lead to a last minute Joel and Midge reunion, which is my personal worst nightmare. An argument could be made that both characters have grown enough during their time apart for a reconciliation to make sense. Joel has a club that he loves, and he recognizes Midge's passion for her career. Meanwhile, Midge is no longer consumed by the need to be the perfect wife, which would level the playing field in their marriage.

Now that they're both professionally fulfilled, it makes narrative sense for them to reunite. But I would still much prefer Joel and Mei to somehow make their clearly doomed relationship work, while Midge continues to do her own thing.

7. Lauren Graham Needs To Finally Appear

Every single season of Mrs. Maisel has brought rumors that Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham would appear, so Season 5 needs to finally make the Graham-Sherman-Palladino reunion a reality. My dream role for her remains '60s era Lucille Ball, who Midge absolutely must meet before this show ends.

8. The Gaslight Will Make One Last Major Appearance

As evidenced by the controversial final four words of Gilmore Girls, Sherman-Palladino loves a good full circle moment. That's why Mrs. Maisel needs to return to The Gaslight one last time in Season 5. The cozy, if a bit grimy club is where Midge made her comedy debut, and once she makes it big, it would only be fitting for her to return for one last no-holds-barred show.

If the show wants to go the extra mile and make her performance all the more special, it would be gratifying to see Susie end up owning the club and turning it into a place to showcase comics like Midge and James, who are outsiders in the white male-dominated business.

Saying goodbye to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel isn't going to be easy, but as long as Midge and Susie go out on top this fan will be happy.

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