Predictions for the Final Season

Given that there's only one more season left with Midge and the gang, I'm curious how this show will wrap up. Personally, I'd love to see a time jump. In the most recent season finale, we saw Lenny Bruce give Midge some tough love - that she needs to take every paid gig that comes her way, even if she's not a headliner. So let's jump ahead a bit shall we and see Midge with a few bigger gigs under her belt, about to go on the Gerald Ford Show!

Here's what else I'd love to see before we say goodbye:

1. Susie needs to build her management company! We need to see her break free from the mob and actually grow that roster. So bring on more magicians!

2. Joel needs to find peace. He deserves to be happy and I think the final season will be about having his parents accept his new wife (with child on the way!)

3.  Would love to see Rose thrive as a matchmaker and not get murdered by the Matchmaking Mob.

4. Watch Midge become a star. Let's end the series at Carnegie Hall with her performing where we saw Lenny Bruce just tear it up at the end of this season. Let's see her take the world by storm.