Who Is Milo Ventimiglia Playing On 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'? The Premiere May Have Hinted He'll Clash With Midge

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Who Is Milo Ventimiglia Playing On 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'? The Premiere May Have Hinted He'll Clash With Midge

The great Milo Ventimiglia watch of 2022 is officially on now that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 has premiered. While the actor formally known as Jess Mariano is nowhere to be found in the first two episodes of the new season, Mrs. Maisel may have dropped a hint about Ventimiglia's mystery role. If I'm correct, then Midge and the This Is Us star could be set to clash before they start hanging out in the park with his cute corgi.

Just to recap, here's what has been confirmed about Ventimiglia's Season 4 guest appearance: he and Midge's character will hang out in a park with Ethan and a corgi. That's it, that's all the information we have.

Earlier this month, the actor revealed to TVLine that his character appears in "a brief memorable moment — possibly to be repeated." That suggests he's not going to be around long, but he could return to flirt with Midge again in the future (because come on, those sneak peak photos are the very definition of flirtatious).

With that in mind, I suspect Ventimiglia could be playing the already infamous critic Elroy Dunham. Throughout the second episode of Season 4, Midge is absolutely fuming over the critic who she says is writing about her even when he's not writing about her. Indeed, his digs at Midge do feel pointed, and it would be unlike her to let his behavior fly.

Could Ventimiglia Really Be Midge's Latest Foe?

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If Ventimiglia is playing Elroy, then Midge might just track him down in the park and confront him with her cute kid by her side for extra shaming purposes. As she so elegantly puts it in the premiere, she wants revenge this season, and having a sharp-witted culture writer on her side could help her achieve that goal. All she needs to do is convince Elroy to stop dropping snide remarks about her in his articles.

Back in June 2021, series co-creator Daniel Palladino said Ventimiglia's role is something unexpected during the Nantucket Film Festival. "You have to see it in context, because it's actually a very different thing we're doing with him," he said. "We needed someone of his caliber and his handsomeness, so we asked Milo to do it."

That description could fit a cantankerous writer, or it could imply that the Gilmore Girls actor is simply playing a mysterious stranger who Midge forms a connection with. After all, there is another handsome actor known for playing snarky characters appearing in Season 4: Veep alum Reid Scott, and his role is still undisclosed, as well. Still, the idea of seeing Ventimiglia spar with Midge, while playing a writer with just as much wit as Jess is tantalizing.

Whether or not it actually happens is anyone's guess. If series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has taught me anything over the years, it's that she always has more (casting) tricks up her sleeves.

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