WWYD in this situation?

Crazy thing happened today... While waiting for the subway, a man fell on the tracks just before the train was coming through the station. I had been in my own world when it happened (listening to music), so I didn't notice. The hubbub after alerted me.

Looking around, people were watching as this man lay on the tracks. The train had fortunately stopped in plenty of time, but everyone stood stunned. I ran over and immediately went to jump down on the tracks, and then the man tried to stand and stumbled. This happened a few times until he fell backwards on the ground near the platform. Another woman and I were about to jump down, when she caught his arm and was able to help him stand - though not steadily. Then the man started swinging his other arm around to give me a chance to catch it. When I did, the other woman and I were able to pull him up onto the platform.

There were probably 20 people on the platform. We were the only two who jumped in to attempt a "rescue."

I want to know: what would you do in this situation?

The other folks waiting seem much saner, as anything could've happened with the man. No doubt, any first responder would say that it's best to wait for the professionals... But honestly, my body just responded in the way it responded. If the guy had stayed on the tracks, just laying, my hypothesis is that I would've jumped down to check his pulse and make sure he was okay until the paramedics arrived. Who's to say though.