vibe ~248~

kaleidoscope-like art

I like color.

This is precisely the moment I learned about it. I didn’t wear mascara at the time, but even now when I do wear it, I think of that episode.

Awwww congrats to them! There are a couple of pregnancies rn, right?

Baby gifts are impossible. Books are always smart. I wouldn’t even customize it lol

This hits me every few years. I have to remind myself that there’s never really been a non-wtf moment in history. The 24-7 access to global information only amplifies our knowledge, so it’s bound to feel worse at times.

Lorelei. Which I know is lame but she’s just so lovely.

Same boat. Never grounded. I wasn’t the best kid but also not the worst. When I did something wrong, my mom showed me her disappointment - not through harsh words, but just from a look. Because of that, it doesn’t take much for me to recognize when I’ve made a mistake, and I’m much harder on myself than any authority.

Love all the Philly love! Thank you!

Oooooh we should add fear factor elements, for sure.