vibe ~1743~

I know I should hate him for this, but my teenage crush for him still has a hold on me. Even though I’m way past his age limit.

I had no clue it was on either!! I feel so out of it.

Can't wait to see who his next girl will be. Does Meghan Markle have a sister?? Because I can't imagine dating someone more famous than Kim. (I'd feel awful for his next gf if she was just a regular person...)

I call total BS on this as the reason. I was listening to Morgan's podcast last week and Kim was saying how they were dedicated to making it work...then 3 days later they break up? Give me a break!

No!! Furniture is expensive...and I feel like most people I know (even into their mid/late 30's) are moving every few years so furniture tends to get beat up after a while.

Ugh this game was so frustrating!! I was never home when it "aired" and it would always crash.

I thought in the beginning they were cute...but now that ever single person/brand has jumped on the bandwagon...it's gotten pretty old!

I have no idea -- but a TikTok "chef" making a food product in their home? What could go wrong!!!

I REALLY wanted a "I drink your milkshake" tattoo but my husband was like, absolutely not.

*clears throat* Ew, Velveta!