vibe ~1567~

Ok THAT is terrifying.

Just because I don't think Facebook will be around in 30 years! I just assume that social media will be really different "in the future" and FB will feel really antiquated.

Oh this is a good list!! I can't imagine people watching The Social Network in 30 years...

Idk, I just started watching RHOBH last year and I'm already getting tired of Erika. I get that everything going on with Tom and the lawsuits was really exciting LAST season, but if we have to watch 10 more episodes of people asking her what she knew or where the money came from, etc. I'm going to scream. I hope she gets into some new drama/excitement this season. There's nothing likable about her either, which is great because she seems to love to play the villain...but again, gets old quick.

Series finale was so good!!

If it's an Uber I sit there and suffer in silence. That actually happened to me last week -- I got into an Uber and even though I think he had the windows cracked it was SO WARM and I just sat there and sweated my ass off. I was miserable, but could not ask him to turn the AC on.

So I found this video that shows all the opening sequences - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btbooCciReY

It def looks like they're actually holding something, but I bet the sparkles are added in post. Also definitely didn't expect them to be holding real diamonds but funny that it's so cheap!

There are SO many posts saying the same thing…it has to be true right?? Wild.

Yeah, how many male friends do you give a facial to? 🥴🥴🥴

Yeah I feel like this video was definitely a way to get people talking again, and they were definitely successful!