vibe ~537~

Gulp, so did I. Also voted for Clay Aiken, but really appreciate Ruben right now.

I’m sure there’s a Friday Night Lights episode in there somewhere.

I always ask them to turn on the AC if it is too hot, otherwise I’ll get carsick.

Agreed, they are all terrible. Hate to travel with my own, so I’ve gone as far as purchasing one in the area where I am staying (cheap, but anything is better than the ones provided at the hotels).

Could have used you for AI this season! I have a knack for remembering faces (but please don’t ask me anything that involved numbers!)

Agree with all mentioned, also Naomi Watts, Katy Perry, and Sofia Vergara. Fillers all, but they all look natural.

Definitely strawberry shortcake!

Nothing wrong with that, just don’t get near them when they’re driving!

The affordable kind.

One of my faves!