vibe ~169~

Director of Engineering at The Dipp

My used to tell me if I didnt brush my teeth before bed bugs would come in the night and poop in my mouth

You better believe I brushed

LMAO that's so funny

I get it! I found some really niche podcasts that I like, but I feel like the golden age of podcasting is coming to an end anyways. So enjoy the tunes

I sure do! got a shag/mullet

I feel like this would be a thing in Japan, which probably doesn't help you... feel better and good luck! I'm sure this will make for a funny story to tell them when they're all grown up

You did the right thing! I hope someone ran to tell a conductor

Calc. I’d like to be able remember that sort of stuff. Would def make my life easier

Yes! I wish math was taught in a more digestible way

It's gotta depend on the grocery store. I trust the small korean grocers near me, but I wouldn't trust a mid range one... best case scenario what you and others have commented

yeah... realizing it was a purgatory thing all along was something. still enjoyed that finale more than GOT